Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Go On: Simone Returns to the Group

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'll start off by saying that this was not a bad episode. However, I didn't really care for it. The idea of a previous group member making a return because of a second loss was a great idea in theory. The fact that the group loves her and that the newbie (Ryan) does not could have been a great dynamic. I actually really liked how Ryan asked Lauren to kick out Simone because he felt threatened. But, when Ryan and Simone ended up getting together, I drew the line. At first I had hoped that the kiss in the rain would cause him to panic and everything would come to a grinding halt. So, when we later saw them in bed together, I groaned pretty loudly. I'm not a fan of the relationship, however it moves forward, but hopefully this will create some interesting drama in the episodes to come. Regardless, I DID think it was very clever of the writers to have Simone take an interest in Anne, therefore staying with her. Then, after Anne admits that sleeping in her own bed is still too painful so she let her guest use it, having all of the other characters come to Anne's house in support of her worked out great for everyone finding out about Ryan and Simone simultaneously. Of course, maybe not Mr. K (whose first name is apparently Benjamin), but we'll get there...

Go On "Comeback Player of the Year" (S01E14): Simone, a former member (previously losing her dance career to injury), is back in the group (left at the altar), frustrating Lauren, who feels she demands a lot of attention. She brings everyone a scarf except Ryan, whom she gives a watercolor portrait. [whose hobby is doing spur-of-the-moment watercolors? also, I laughed at the idea of Ryan having Usain Bolt's phone number! NBC is just not letting go of those Olympic "Hot Weather Sports" ties.] Ryan wants to talk about how his show has been cut by fifteen minutes, but everyone is more interested in Simone. [what in the world is Anne wearing?!? That's the ugliest dress I've seen in five years!] Mr. K., however, was listening and turns Steven's car upside-down in the parking lot as punishment, then uses gloves to slap him twice. [how do people get cars upside-down without really damaging them??]

Ryan asks Lauren to eradicate Simone, but she won't do anything. So, Ryan tells Simone to hit the road, then tells the group that they need to choose between the two of them. [haha, Mr. K. wants to get rid of Yolanda instead!] Simone talks her way into spending a little time with Ryan, who promptly falls for her. Kissing leads to sex, and the couple is discovered when they go to Anne's to help her get over her lover, who didn't take her heart medication seriously. [you have to wonder why... did she want to die? did it give her bad side effects? and that breastmilk comment was crazy, too!]
Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC
Danny is getting taken to the cleaners in his divorce, so Anne decides to help him out, bringing up that Danny is 1/64 Chinook, among other things. She soon gets him a fair deal but she struggles to stop there as greed sets in.

Oh, and Terrell Owens, Mr. K., and Steven all turned Ryan's car upside-down, and Ryan takes off after Terrell as if he could catch him.
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