Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New Normal: Rocky and Jane have New Friends

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The premise of this episode had me in stitches. I thought that I would find the actual installment to be hilarious. Unfortunately, it fell a bit short. Maybe the role that John Stamos was in was too forced. Maybe Rocky's friend "passing" all of the "gay tests" was just too much. Maybe there was too much going on between the gay dinner party, Bryan and David arguing about baby clothes, and Jane getting a makeover. Or, maybe, plain and simple, I wanted to like it but I didn't. I was hoping that the "tests" wouldn't be so stereotypical. I was hoping that Bryan and David would wind up asking Goldie to design a christening outfit for their baby. Instead, I was shocked at Shania's initial reaction to Rocky's friend, Chris, treating him like they were gal pals. And, despite the fact that I should have seen it coming, I was shocked that Jane only wanted to know Bryce's sexuality so she would know whether or not she shout HATE him. It was all a bit much, and I'm dying to have a conversation about the episode... who has something to share in the comments?

The New Normal "Gaydar" (S01E14): Jane hosts an open house and meets Bryce, another realtor. She thinks he's gay but he claims he's straight, though he does convince her to get a makeover. Similarly, when Shania and Goldie tour Bryan's set, Shania thinks the guy Rocky is crushing on, Chris, is gay, though Rocky believes they're practically dating. So, Bryan decides to have a dinner party, invite the questionable guys, and "secretly test" them in areas like female Oscar winners, top ten song recognition, old fashion trends, celebrity password, and even an Oprah viewing. [how did nobody think this stuff was odd? I thought it was funny that Bryan hoped there was the makings of a reality show in there!]
Vivian Zink/NBC
Chris passes more tests than Bryce, but when Rocky asks him directly, he won't respond. [Shania's face looks so fake.] The next day, he comes clean and they decide to stay friends. Plus, Bryan later apologizes for perpetuating stereotypes for Shania, and Bryce kisses Jane. [hmmmm....]

Bryan wants to figure out what their son will wear for the birth announcements photo and the christening, planning on an elaborate gown. But, David doesn't want their son wearing a dress so young, worrying about the impression their child will give others. Of course, David later changes his mind from a football jersey onesie to the gown Bryan picked out, though he adds a tiny football helmet. [best of both worlds?]
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