Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ben and Kate: Kate Dates, Ben Says No, BJ is Selfless

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Once again, not much happened on this episode. In a nutshell, Ben and Tommy learned that not every investor has their goals in mind, so sometimes you have to say "no" to keep your original ideas in tact. The main argument, by the way, was whether the food from "Rail Mall" should be take-out or take-and-bake. Meanwhile, Kate is not over Will so she awkwardly agrees to attend his party. Once there, she starts talking to a guy who does a lot of baking and decides to start seeing him... until Will wants her back. And, BJ tries to get Maddie to use an English accent so that they'll appear as if they really are mother-and-daughter for a commercial. When Maddie doesn't make the cut, BJ actually acts selflessly and protects the little girl. That really was everything that happened, I didn't think any of it was overly interesting, but this show doesn't have the highest hopes of a renewal anyway, so here's a picture of Will and the "baker," and let's move on.
Jennifer Clasen/FOX for Ben and Kate S01E12 "Bake Off"
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