Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2 Broke Girls: What Would You Do for $4,000?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

First off, Caroline's guy voice is horrendous. Second, I think the writers did great with their joke about Max not remembering a guy from the record store, then carrying that joke throughout the rest of the episode, especially as it morphed into "super-gonorrhea." Third, I re-watched the episode to see if I could spot where Max loses an earring, and I can confirm that she still has both on then she and Caroline return to the diner to bake, but after that it gets questionable. Beyond all of that, I thought that the opener with the hipster hanging around the cupcake shoppe was a little strange, but not as strange as Andy checking up on Caroline so much. Poor guy. 

2 Broke Girls "And Too Little Sleep" (S02E14): The girls are really tired, to the point where Caroline falls asleep standing and Max makes poor decisions like changing in the middle of the shoppe. [I remember the first time I fell asleep standing... oh, IB, you were rough!] But, it's going to get worse before it gets better, as they need to have 1,000 cupcakes ready the next morning. [I don't care how tired you are, you find a way to do stay up when $4,000 is on the line! plus, Caroline went to graduate school, she should know how to function without rest!] However, they would have to leave work immediately, so Caroline fakes illness as Max leads her out of there. At the cupcakery, Caroline goes to preheat the oven but accidentally kicks the block that's keeping it even, forcing them to pack up everything and dash over to the diner, admitting that they lied earlier and now need favors. [haha!] Earl, Han, and Oleg agree to help, though Earl is just there for morale and free drinks. Han tries to help decorate until it turns out he sucks.
Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2012
Unfortunately, with only 100 cupcakes to go, the girls realize that Max's earring went missing at some point. They look through the current batter and then start searching the cupcakes already made, though Max is angry and starts throwing cake at Caroline. Andy shows up when Max asks for help, but he later tells her that they can't be friends because he still thinks about Caroline. [eh. that "unlikely animal friendship pictures" thing was kinda weird anyway. and, "I glove you" was awkward.] It all comes together in the end, and Caroline realizes that they switched aprons at one point and Max's earring was in there the whole time. [what was the point in that? so they realize how much time they wasted? also, when did they start stocking up on those boxed mixes enough in advance to have the supplies needed for such a large order??]

Cupcakery Business: $4,900.00.
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