Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Normal: Will Goldie Carry More Babies?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When I read the title of the episode, I thought it was a little cheesy. I wasn't sure exactly how it would play out, especially when all of the promos were boasting Bryan's ex-boyfriend, Monty. However, I liked the idea that both Monty and our steady gay couple were racing to get Goldie to approve to carry their future children. I hadn't really thought about how that would work on this show, and I liked that they went ahead and addressed it. Now, Goldie went from still wanting to be a lawyer to turning into a fashion designer pretty quickly, so I was surprised at how she managed to have enough to sell at a farmer's market booth, but I imagine that some of her pieces she's made over the years. I'm intrigued that Bryan and David could have children who are not carried by Goldie, but I guess this will probably be partially based on how well her business goes... if it tanks, I imagine she'd gladly go through another pregnancy for the cash and benefits.

The New Normal "The Goldie Rush" (S01E12): When Bryan was 12, he was obsessed with Ladies Home Journal, and they're finally interviewing him. [I've never picked up an issue in my life - what does that say about me?] He talks about men having biological clocks like women, but not all men do - Byan's ex-boyfriend was a party boy who had no desire for children. The whole conversation spurs Bryan and David to discuss family planning, and they decide to have three children each spaced two years apart, with the second using David's sperm while the third is a mix. [after all the discussion over who would father the first child? This seems a bit like a cop-out to me.] Gary, the surrogacy counselor, cries, as he's lonely. So, the guys set him up with Monty, as he recently matured into wanting children. The dinner causes Monty to want to simply have a child on his own (using Goldie as his surrogate), disappointing Gary further. [yeah, that was a terrible scene to watch! why would they write it like this??] But, Goldie says the same thing she told Bryan and David: she can't commit right now. So, Gary and Monty manage to hit it off and are taking care of Gary's niece to prepare for parenthood. [all at once. WHY??]

Meanwhile, at school, Shania is being bullied and turns to Jane and Rocky. They tell her that she needs to become more dominant, so she wears a suit to school and acts forceful, only for it to blow up in her face. [poor Shania. I feel for that girl.] Then, Rocky teaches her some attitude, and the smackdown works, even to the point that she convinces the other girls to stop pointing out flaws and embrace one another.
Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC
[I'm a bit skeptical that they fall for this and are all now buddies like pictured above, but I guess we'll see...]
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