Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Go On: Ryan and Lauren as Frasier Crane

Hang on, guys. I think this might be a re-write of old Frasier episodes. Seriously, Frasier totally had issues with KACL wanting him to promote products that he wasn't comfortable supporting AND he temporarily quit over it AND he once went crazy trying to find out why someone in a focus group didn't care for him. These stories all went a little differently, but for the most part nothing really changed. [if you don't know what I'm talking about, all of Frasier is on Netflix, so check out "The Focus Group" (S03E23) and "Sweet Dreams" (S05E24) to see what I mean.] Aside from the recycled gags, there wasn't much substance to this episode. More Simone with a sprinkling of Yolanda and George. Owen, Fausta, Anne, and the others were nearly absent. So, let's get to the recap. But, let's take a moment to laugh at three of the group members as Ryan attempts to meditate. 
Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC
Go On "Go Deep" (S01E16): Lauren hands out feedback sheets. [there are still people in the group who have done the annual sheet more than once?!? she really is bad. do people really join support groups FOR LIFE??] George orates his (he doesn't have a computer) and hits on Lauren in the process. [haha that everyone is to write it in broken English so Fausta's doesn't stand out.] Lauren gets one bad evaluation and is obsessed with finding out who wrote it, so she agrees to meet Yolanda to discuss who might be disgruntled. [two things. first, if you're that upset, why bother continuing with the group? second, they're going to listen to ALL of the taped sessions??] George decides to help decipher who thinks poorly of Lauren's listening skills, and finds out that Sonia wrote it, but on behalf of Yolanda, who feels that Ryan has hijacked the group. [well, yeah. it certainly seems that way. and I'm an outsider!]

Ryan wants to look smart at work when he shows Simone around. [Believing Terrell Owens was Carrie's temp was hard.] Steven asks Ryan to read ads on the air, but Ryan doesn't want to promote things that aren't in "his brand." Well, when 47-year-old bald men living at home are Ryan's primary audience, the items he's promoting aren't exactly first-class. Ryan decides to quit, but later says that it was just for Simone. However, when Ryan attempts to confront "the big cheese," he learns that Steven has fabricated that persona to deliver bad news to Ryan. [that's cute that he values their friendship that much, though!]

Ryan and Simone go on a retreat where they wear robes and meditate, but he really struggles to quiet his mind. He even runs off to discuss things with various others while Simone (and the drop-in Mr. K.) meditate. He makes a comment about the possibility that he and Simone will be together in two years, and she decides to let out her Boston accent. [not sure how I feel about all of this... as I'm not a Simone fan!]
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