Thursday, March 7, 2013

Go On: Ryan Gambles Away Janie

Ryan wearing makeup.Yolanda making mix CDs with a "tragedy" theme. Anne meeting women at a bookstore. Strange events transpiring in this show! Sure, Ryan's upset that he no longer has Simone, but I think the thing that most stood out this episode was the fact that several group members were noticeably absent at various meetings, and I don't know why... George and Owen, plus Lauren at the first! What was up with that? And what was with Mr. K. suggesting a personalized break-up song? What is THAT??!? The more I think about this episode, the more I'm unsure how much of it was any good, aside from betting on what Owen will say and maaaaybe Steven being so serious about Ryan not getting into his old gambling ways again.

Go On "Double Down" (S01E18): Ryan finally got Janie's $25,000 life insurance check and doesn't want to be alone, so he goes with Fausta to play Bingo. But, he doesn't actually play because he gets compulsive about gambling. [...I've never thought about Bingo as gambling! I guess it is, but I think of it more as a game you pay to play, and sometimes there's prizes. LoL.] Then, the group shows up to watch March Madness with Ryan, but he can't help but "make it interesting" with some bets. [no George, Anne, Mr. K. there, either.] Superstition sets in, and soon gambling is interfering with Ryan's work, so Steven starts to intervene, as Ryan promised Janie he wouldn't gamble anymore. [yikes!] But, Ryan goes further, even working on having the group bet on things Owen will say. [I found this to be really funny, actually.] Lauren makes the group stop gambling, but Ryan refuses. Steven takes another step and freezes Ryan's accounts, so he heads to Temecula with the life insurance check. [another city I had never heard of before.] Lauren goes after him, as her father was a gambling addict and she doesn't want Ryan to go spiraling downward. Lauren winds up joining him in poker and beats him, "ruining gambling" for Ryan. Of course, she then has issues with control. [ha!]
Justin Lubin/NBC
Elsewhere, Anne is picked up by the cashier at a bookstore, and the next thing you know, they're kissing in public. Soon, Anne introduces Brittany to the group, but she's too dumb for Anne. Though Anne breaks up with her and then tries to get her back, she winds up picking up another girl at the shop. [whoa.] In the end, Ryan and Anne tie their old wedding bands to balloons and release them. [I thought this was different but I didn't like it... just throwing away money bothers me.] 
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