Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Trouble with School and Boys

I don't have a lot of commentary on what was presented in this episode... Chelsea is struggling a little with school (but at least she's not pregnant again), Leah steps away from Jeremy to go to counseling with Corey, Jenelle is back with Kieffer AND about to return to drugs, and Kailyn realizes just how long it's taking her to finish school. Two are having issues with school and the other two are having issues with their men... makes sense for women who decided to have sex while still in high school.

Teen Mom 2 "The Future is Now" (S04E03):
Chelsea: She's slow when it comes to working on hair, like being on section 5 when the class is on section 8 of the head. Adam says that he wants to see Aubree, but then bails to see a movie. At least Chelsea gets her period!
Leah: She goes to see the house Corey bought, and he says that he can't get over her. [why did Corey buy a house?] She decides to go into counseling with him, casting aside Jeremy. [we all know that doesn't last, though.]

Jenelle: She "realizes" that Gary is mean to her all the time and Kieffer (who got his GED in prison) is nice to her all the time. [um, except that's not true.] She gets off probation and tells her mom she'll likely be starting on pot again.

Kailyn: She's had Isaac for almost a month, and he has a cold when she drops him off with Jo. ["if you decide to take him to the doctor, let me know so I can go" sounded weird to me.] She's dropped down to two classes again and realizes it'll take her another 5 semesters if she stays on that path. [duh. if you go full-time it takes you two years to get an Associate's. If you go part-time it's going to take at least four years, so five is about right.] Javi is also taking four classes and feels like a slacker for not taking 5. [I can totally relate to that. I never understood how people only took 12 credits a semester... but I might have been an overachiever...]
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