Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Following - Let Me Go

"Let Me Go" S01E07

Joe Carroll is out of jail and Ryan has now turned to the dark side to bring him back. Parker was way too quick to get on board with Ryan's plan to "do things a different way." Joe killing his lawyer was unexpected because Olivia had done everything he wanted, but it does show his hatred for Ryan is above anything else he might care about. Seems as though Joe wants to get Ryan's body count as high as his, but time will tell. Now that Joe has his own school in the woods, he can orchestrate more of his targeted plans for the 'novel.'

Map as of S01E07 - Let Me Go
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1 comment:

Unknown said...

This was another great week for “The Following”. Kevin Bacon is really rocking on this show, every week, and Purefoy is amazing, too. I’m a little nervous to see what kind of horrible plans he has in store. I work at DISH and watched “Let Me Go” with a couple of my coworkers, and they loved it, too. We decided to have a marathon when the season is over, so I’ve been saving each episode on my DISH Hopper, which has 2,000 hours of storage space. This way I can keep the entire season and not worry about missing any of my other shows, either.