Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday Mornings: Heart, Heart, Blood

Villanueva is the best thing about this show, and for so many reasons. I like the way he practices medicine, not giving up and always trying to figure out the condition of the patient. I like the way he handles his colleagues and gives people the cut-and-dried truth. I like the way he butts heads with Hooten, yet understands where the administration is coming from. Unfortunately, he can't carry the show on his own. Napur is working her way up on my list, but nobody else is, so one more episode and I may be calling it quits. I still have hope that I'll get a medical show to replace the spot in my heart ER vacated nearly four years ago, but this is decidedly not it.

Monday Mornings "The Legend and the Fall" (S01E05): For some reason, every time Napur is out to dinner she encounters a medical emergency. ["socially Aspergery" hahaha.] This time, a former patient of her dining companion passes out after thanking the doctor profusely, and it winds up being bacterial endocarditis. The guy plans to sue his dentist but may sue his doctor as well, because he didn't do the most thorough follow-up.

An 85-year-old surgeon, Dr. Wayne, comes into the OR and thinks his patient is Park's. Park tells Hooten, and Buck confirms that Wayner has been off lately. Hooten questions the man, who has a reasonable explanation - he mis-entered the time of the procedure into his iPhone calendar. [hahaha!] Buck takes it upon himself to question the guy, and Wilson soon gets involved, too, so Hooten calls Wayne out at the M&M. [I found it interesting that Hooten briefed him first, LoL.] Wayne's explanations are reasonable, and Hooten backs him, as he, too, went into the wrong OR when he was 27. But, Hooten notices Wayne may have ischemia, and that would be bad. [I understand the man has nothing else to live for besides this hospital but geez! retirement isn't all bad!]
Doug Hyun
A competitive swimmer with a headache comes into the ER but soon has a seizure. [what was with Robidaux's House joke??] Villanueva is obsessed with figuring out what's wrong, and it turns out to be a blood clot in his brain, causing a stroke. The guy has been doping his own blood to improve his performance, but it thickened his blood. [whoa! I didn't know that was a thing!]
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