Friday, March 22, 2013

The New Normal: Questioning Everything

I would have liked more attention to be paid to Goldie's storyline this episode, rather than just have her ask Brice to help her find a commercial space, and he does.It was a little too quick-and-easy, and although it does give her something to do once the baby is born, it doesn't help lock in her character's interaction with those of Bryan and David, so the show will need more anyway. We're staying Jane-light, which I like, but I feel like the episodes as a whole are starting to bumble a bit. Goldie seems to have no more fears about what she can accomplish. Rocky feeling inadequate makes perfect sense for her character, but the visions of her mother are a bit much. Bryan and David's rocky path to parenthood continues to be interesting, but sometimes it seems so far from realism that it's hard to laugh - you can write funny and then you can write believably funny... which one is this show going for?

The New Normal "Blood, Sweat, and Fears" (S01E19): Rocky has Shania watch Nikki for an hour, but when Shania does a great job and even figures out how to do black hair from a youtube video, Rocky feels insecure about her maternal abilities. [Nikki is so cute!] The next day, she won't accept help from Shania, but eventually apologizes to the grade schooler, who boosts her confidence.
Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC
David is upset that Bryan isn't concerned about the baby, relying on David's medical background to take care of anything. [So, David acts like a dad, not a doctor, and has Bryan answer their doctor's questions. This causes Bryan to research alternative birthing methods, and he, David, and Goldie attend a class. [David pretending to be a firefighter was hilarious for me!] Bryan winds up fainting, and a few other dads come by the next day to see how he is. They admit that they don't really want crazy natural births, either, and Bryan encourages them to be honest with their wives. [this was an incredibly weird scene, I thought.] However, Brice talks about missing out on being in the delivery room, so Bryan re-thinks things. [BRICE is the wisdom? what is this show coming to?] Next thing you know, one of the women in the class goes into labor, and David has to step up and deliver the baby when they don't make it to the hospital. [who saw this coming?]
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