Thursday, March 21, 2013


Stay in there and think about what you did! Not gonna lie, I wondered what the acronym stood for from the moment that it was first mentioned, and although I did figure it out seconds before the characters, I wasn't that intrigued. In fact, this might be the only show I watch that has a large ensemble cast that I don't really care about. I tend to love ten different plotlines going on, but with this series it's difficult to get into the various stories... maybe the fact that the bulk of the group is WEIRD affects it just a little too much. And the absence of Carrie has been strange, too. I am a fan of Terrell Owens, but more as an athlete than a secretary. With a few episodes left in the season, I really can't make up my mind on if or how this show should continue - what are your thoughts?

Go On "Go for the Gold Watch" (S02E19): Danny is back on the market but still uses elementary-school flirting techniques, which don't work on Sonia. [hahaha!] Mr. K. has developed a love algorithm that can find perfect matches. Mr. K. thinks that Danny and Sonia would get a 98% using his system. Wyatt and Fausta score a 78%... and Lauren and Wyatt score a 23%. Steven and Lauren get a 99%. [as interesting as these facts are, they're still kinda dull.] Owen has been trying to figure out some info about Mr. K. and worries that Anne will blow his cover, so they work together.

Ryan has been yearning for better ratings and has finally moved up from #3 to #1, so the office throws him a party. [I loved the gatorade being spilled on him!] Then, Steven takes him out for a steak dinner to gloat. Ryan also becomes the newest caricature on the restaurant's walls, but this just causes him to realize that he might not ever be happy. He calls Lauren for help and eats his dinner in the restroom, and she suggests that he try helping others to make himself happier. [this whole thing was really weird for me... I just didn't believe Ryan's character would make those choices.] He signs up to be a Big Brother, but he soon hates the kid with whom he's matched. So, Ryan decides to help Danny get with Sonia. [I loved that he just took the clothes off of other people to dress Danny.] Anne gets Mr. K. to host a party, and she and Owen find a room with a dummy of Mr. Belvedere. See, Mr. K. played Wesley in the pilot. [how do they come up with this stuff??]
Colleen Hayes/NBC
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