Sunday, May 26, 2013

Looking Ahead at Fall 2013

Last year, we waited until June to start deciding which new network shows we'd watch, which we'd laugh at, and which would tank. Well, let's get started a little earlier this year. Rather than break down the new pick-ups by how interested we are and think others will be, we're going to organize the new series by network. This means that some posts will be short (hello, CBS only picked up seven things!) and others will be pretty long (you know, because NBC is pretty much starting with a clean slate). Still, a couple things to remember...

1. There's about four months (or more!) between when these orders were announced and when the pilots will air. A LOT can happen in that amount of time, and sometimes the re-tooling changes everything.

2. There's a fine line between giving a show a chance (many say you need 4-5 episodes for a fair shot, others think 2-3 is enough) and falling too hard too fast. Remember, there were 16 new comedies last year, and only 2 were renewed for a second season!

There's a wide variety of programming coming up, with some of it sounding pretty ridiculous, some of it sounding pretty wonderful, and some of it resting on the names of the stars, which always happens and doesn't always work. Stay tuned as we spend this week tackling the new series! If you're ahead of the game and have been reading about the choices and watching the trailers, feel free to predict which shows TheTalkingBox is most interested in... we have about a third of them on our "to watch" list!

Update: Links for ABC, CBS/CW, FOX, NBC
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