Thursday, May 30, 2013

Looking Ahead: NBC's Comedies and Dramas for 2013

NBC didn't have an amazing 2012-2013 season in any regard. Everyone has already talked to death about the failures of the network trying to use their huge summer sport crowd to build audiences for their comedies. And about how even Univision had better ratings on and off throughout the past year. And about how the network doesn't have anything going for it anymore; the glory days have been over for too long. It's difficult for me to rally against NBC, however, as I think that they have great ideas and concepts... they're just not always suited for the long-term. With so many fresh items in the pipeline, something's gotta stick this year... right?

The good news? I'm actually going to try out all six of their comedies and one drama. The bad news? I'm shocked that I'm so intrigued by their comedies (especially when I'm not very interested in a single one from FOX!)

About a Boy is an adaptation of the novel and film following the relationship between an immature single guy and a young boy. I really want Benjamin Stockham to make it in SOMETHING (he's from Sons of Tucson and 1600 Penn), so I'll give it a go.
Growing Up Fisher (formerly Untitled DJ Nash, The Family Guide) is a show about a divorced family where the father is blind, and is based loosely on Nash's life. I'll give it a try simply because I am constantly interested in the life experiences of others who are quite different from myself.
The Michael J. Fox Show has the eponymous actor playing a NYC newscaster with Parkinson's who raises three children. Like the rest of America, I'm a Fox fan and will give it a shot for him, but I'm curious as to how it will play out.
Sean Saves the World (previously The Untitled Victor Fresco/Sean Hayes Project and Happiness) is gay father Sean Hayes raising a teen daughter with the help of his mother. I'm game for an episode or two, but this just sounds like a typical NBC loser idea...

Undateable is a group of friends who struggle with relationships. Bianca Kajlich is the only reason I'll give this one a chance, and I'm not expecting to stay with it very long.
Welcome to the Family sounds a lot like the original Reba show, just with a Latino babydaddy and without the Barbara Jean factor. I didn't like Reba in its original run but enjoyed it in reruns, so I'll try it.
Believe is a paranormal show from J. J. Abrams where a jailbird has to protect a young girl with special powers. Nothing thrilling for me, and I'm not the Abrams aficionado that many are, so I'm out.

The Blacklist has a wanted criminal turning himself in, offering up all his colleagues, and then demanding to work with a rookie FBI agent. Hannibal is already out there, but I wouldn't be interested anyway... it takes a special police procedural to draw me in...

Chicago PD is the much-anticipated spinoff of Chicago Fire, but with cops instead of firemen. I just don't see a big draw, much like I said about Chicago Fire this time last year.

Crisis has the children of many powerful people being kidnapped, though nobody knows why just yet. I don't see this as a series, and I think it sounds entirely too much like CBS's Hostages. Pass.

Crossbones has been in the pipeline for quite a while now, and I'm still as intrigued as ever... John Malkovich as Blackbeard in 1715. It's still high-concept and very risky, but a period pirate piece just sounds like fun.

Dracula has surprised me a bit. For all of the vampire fans out there in recent years, it has not been the most talked-about show, even with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as the famous vampire. I'm not huge into the supernatural, and the Victorian London setting with its promises of fancy dresses and large sets is just not enough to get my attention.

Ironside is a remake of the 60s series featuring a detective in a wheelchair whose team solves difficult cases. Maybe I'm not old enough to appreciate this reboot, but it just sounds like any number of other police procedurals to me.

The Night Shift (formerly After Hours) is a workplace comedy set in the wee hours of a San Antonio hospital, focusing on Army doctors. As much as I'm in the market for a medical drama, this one just has no big hook for me. 

Which series strike your fancy?
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