Saturday, July 20, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: Saturday Wrap-Up

As always happens at Comic-Con, I was more tired this morning than I have been the past couple of days. So, when you add in the fact that the Hall H line was full by 6:30am, there was no rush to get down to the Convention Center. I wound up getting in line for the 10am Bates Motel panel around 8:15. That turned out to be fine, and I was pleasantly surprised to be sitting down a little after 9:30 pretty near the front of the room. Every person received a keychain "motel key" when entering, and a few were numbered to give attendees a chance to attend a party. The big gimmick of the panel, however, was that Freddie Highmore (Norman) arrived late. In fact, they had him "absent" under secret conditions, but then a video was shown to reveal that he had gotten angry and killed someone, like Norman would, so he was detained by the authorities. It was predictable but cute. The rest of the panel was a little humdrum, maybe because there was no season 2 footage to share and little plot to tease. The fans asked some good questions, though, so that was nice.

I left 6A after the one panel and moved on to "Inside the Writer's Room," which is an annual-type panel that I have attended in the past. It was the description that drew me in, so when the topics mentioned there weren't discussed, I was rather disappointed. I moved on to Exhibit Hall, where I spent a little over an hour hunting down some of the booths that I had marked in the guide. I didn't have time to locate all of them, but only one really gave me the slip. I still haven't bought anything, but I know one stop I'll definitely be making tomorrow, so there's still a chance. Coincidentally, I also have not seen any Wreck-It Ralph artwork!

I headed over to the Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton for the premiere of the Hulu original animated series, The Awesomes, which I actually really enjoyed. I totally plan on checking out more episodes when they air, which is odd because I don't really watch many cartoons. To help facilitate people tuning in, each attendee received a voucher for a free month of XBox Live, though I often question who doesn't already have that service!

Afterwards, Jonathan and I had appointments to donate blood, which tends to net you a lot of great swag. Well, the appointment times meant next-to-nothing, as after we had filled out the paperwork, the line to get your blood pressure checked was almost two hours long. When you add in the time it takes to actually donate, we decided to leave after waiting about 20 minutes. It was a little sad, but we weren't the only ones doing so, and I have no guilt about it; don't take four appointments every five minutes AND allow for walk-ins if that's not the capacity that the center can handle. We split up for a while after that, but eventually reunited during the Revolution panel. I had sat in on part of the Person of Interest panel before that, but didn't really find it very entertaining. I wasn't expecting much out of Revolution, and I'm glad, as there weren't really any great highlights. The questions were mostly generic, though. NBC did opt to spend a few minutes at the end of the panel showing a preview of the midseason replacement Believe and have the two stars and the director talk about the new drama. Johnny Sequoyah was darling, but otherwise I wasn't impressed.

We had initially planned on going to get in line for Kevin Smith's panel after that, but at the last minute decided to stay for the screening of the CW's Tomorrow People, as we learned that the line for Kevin Smith wasn't too bad. I wasn't really looking forward to this series, and I think I found it about as absurd as I had anticipated, if not more. In fact, I called it "horrific" as we left to join the Hall H line. The queue itself wasn't bad, but apparently the previous panel (Marvel) ran quite a bit over, and many people cleared out, so it took a long time to get in the room... the panel was supposed to start at 7:15 but was pushed to about 7:40, and it was about 7:50 before we made it into the room. Because of the late start, I'm not sure if Silent Bob would wind up going over by half an hour or not, but we left about ten minutes after 9pm because we were hungry and tired. And cold, for that matter... the air conditioning was really blasting with a thousands fewer people! Still, it was a pretty funny time, though I was a little disturbed by how much some people seem to worship Kevin Smith! He was thanked many times over for speeches he has given in the past, and one guy even got him to agree to officiate his marriage, after he proposed on the spot!

I can't believe how quickly this Comic-Con has gone by... I know there is one more day left, and although we cannot stay until the very end (6:30pm flight), we will make the most of the day, and I have some exciting things on my docket... after all, Sunday was the first one I planned for myself! Plus, I really want to get some new art to add to our household. We picked up two small pieces last year, and, because we have some bare walls in our house, we agreed not to be stringent with our spending... if a painting calls to us, buy it! Still, nothing has screamed out to me yet, but hopefully something will!

And, once again, I will provide additional details, quotes, and recaps later, but hang on to this nibble for now! And, be sure to check out the two giveaways we have going on right now!
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