Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Exes: The French & Fighting

This particular episode of The Exes was not great. It actually only had a couple of moments that were genuinely good television, and that's a shame. Part of the problem could have been the distinction between the storylines, as there was no crossover between the girls and the guys. Clearly, Holly could have given Stuart some more advice about fighting, and surely the men would have had something to say about Tristan and Jean-Luc, to potentially save Holly and Eden some embarrassment on the jet. Or perhaps the bigger issue was that none of the guys seem like fighters, so their combined experience was laughable, while any educated viewer knew that the situation with the French men was too good to be true. At least the girls kept the jewelry! 

The Exes "Pretty Women" (S03E07): Eden meets a French guy who treats her very well, though Holly fears that he's treating her friend like a prostitute. [yikes!] Holly goes along with Eden to see Tristan, who brings along Jean-Luc, who promptly whisks Holly off her feet. The next morning, he leaves Holly a fancy necklace, and both men soon invite the girls a trip to St. Barths. [wow!] But, when they get to the private plane, they realize they're not the only "special ladies" the guys are seeing, so they don't go.
The group is having burgers at the bar and Stuart accidentally squeezes a woman's breast, not looking when he reaches for a ketchup bottle. [that might be the least believable thing that he has ever done...] Her dinner companion asks Stuart to leave, and that makes him fear going back. Unfortunately, Stuart can't stay away fro the new cook's burgers and places a to-go order, only to bump into the bully anyway. Phil and Haskell don't help him out when he's pushed around, but they later offer some fighting tips. [the two approaches were so vastly different!] So, when the trio returns to the bar, Stuart confronts his attacker. But, the guy starts choking, Stuarts saves him... then punches him in the face. [I was shocked that Stuart still slugged him! I thought they could have called it even after a life-save!]
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