Saturday, September 28, 2013

NEW SHOW: The Crazy Ones: McDonald's with Kelly Clarkson

Of all the pilots I have seen this season, this one seemed the shortest. Sometimes that can be a good thing (as in, "time flies when you are having fun"), but sometimes it's not such a good thing (like the idea that absolutely nothing happened and it was a waste of 23 minutes). In this case, I'm not sure which it was, but there were definitely some great moments in the episode. For one, the title of the series was explained with a nice reference to the 1997 Apple commercial that talked about "The Crazy Ones" being inventors throughout history. But, when you already have names like Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar on the series, do you really need Kelly Clarkson? I wonder how many celebrities will appear, and how that will affect the chemistry on the show.
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The Crazy Ones "Pilot" (S01E01): Sydney and Andrew work with kid commercial actors eating cookies, but bigger problems soon pop up, like McDonald's executives potentially dropping the ad agency. But, Simon pulls an eleventh hour idea where they update a 1972 spot's lyrics with new images and music to make it relevant today. [aren't reboots a bit overdone?] They have 24 hours to find a music icon for the commercial, and Simon gets Kelly Clarkson to agree... kinda. [Sydney constantly telling Lauren to stop laughing because it encourages Simon was amusing.] Kelly really wants to sing about sex, as she wants to re-brand herself, so Simon and Zack let her do a sex song, then try to change it into what they need. It doesn't work, however, and Sydney has to sing in a restaurant to get Kelly to agree to doing what they need: a fast food jingle.
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