Saturday, September 28, 2013

Last Man Standing: Vanessa and Eve

It comes as no surprise that in the Baxter family, not all of the daughters bond with each parent equally. Like in many households, one gravitates more toward her father while the others seem to favor their mother. Yes, this can lead to hurt feelings, but it really is par for the course, both on television and in real life. On Tim Allen's previous show, Home Improvement, Brad definitely bonded more with Tim, while Mark and Randy both tended to turn to their mother. Over on Boy Meets World, Eric and Cory both had strong relationships with their father, but in different ways - Eric's being more buddy-buddy while Cory's was deeper and more philosophical. The big lesson that the Matthews family takes away from exposing those differences is that family relationships need balance. Bringing that back to the Baxters, Mike and Vanessa just want Eve to be able to get along with both of them, even if it is in different ways. Mike pointing out how Vanessa talks about her work in a boring way when it can actually be exciting at times was just a cherry on top to make it all come together.

Last Man Standing "Driving Lessons" (S03E02): Mandy and Kyle are headed out on a date, but Mike asks Kyle to help with a car repair. Apparently, Mike has Kyle doing all sorts of household chores, and Kyle's time being monopolized upsets Mandy. So, she tries to get her boyfriend to say "no" to Mike, but Mike also tries to get Kyle to say "no" to Mandy. The kid eventually wises up, to mixed reactions. [Kyle is rather clumsy... why would Mike want him working with his personal stuff?]
Mike teaches Eve to drive (in a classic truck, of course), but Vanessa is lonely and wants to bond more with her youngest daughter, so Mike has Vanessa give Eve another driving lesson. But, Vanessa doesn't think Eve is taking it seriously, and their time together is cut short. [what teen has road rage?!?] Mike confronts Eve about her attitude, and says that she might need to work harder at a relationship with her mother. Eve immediately tries, accompanying her mother on a work trip. [to blow up a mine. but, baby steps. also, I hated Mandy's jacket at the very end of the episode. grey with neon pink edging?]

Oh, and so that Kristin can make an appearance, she runs into the house purely to check Boyd's backpack for his missing hamster, Snickerdoodle. It's not there. [Trophy Wife AND Last Man Standing have dead hamster storylines the same week?]
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