Sunday, September 29, 2013

RETURNING: Elementary - London, Baby!

A good start to the season, but lacking in the normal supplemental characters makes it a bit dry. No offense to Watson and Holmes, but the other characters add a needed reality and flavor to the duo's lives. London has spectacular sights, but the New York crime scene has it beat as the premiere setting for the show.

Elementary "Step Nine" (S02E01): Starting off in a London cemetery wacting a grenade-wielding heckler at a funeral, inspector Le Strand seems to have gone crazy. Back in the U.S., Holmes and Watson seem to be in the middle of a case where an organized crime group is murdering judges that has left Holmes tracking their communication method: pigeons. They catch their suspect as Holmes gets a call regarding trouble with Le Strand, and head off to London.

Holmes explains to Watson he and Le Strand's relationship: Holmes solved crimes and Le Strand enjoyed the spotlight for his successes. Watson inquired as to Holmes' frame of mind returning to London to which he replies, "London is always a different city."

In London, they head straight to Scotland Yard to determine Le Strand's issues. Turns out, Le Strand had shown up at the funeral of a woman whom he thought was murdered by her husband, Lawrence Pendry. Holmes and Watson head to 221B, his old place, which has been maintained by an acquaintace called Gieser Bob. Holmes finds all his things gone and replaced with 'nice things.' Holmes' exploration of the 'damage' is interrupted by the appearance of Microft, Holmes' brother.

Turns out, Holmes' father gave 221B to Microft because he owns the building. Apparently, Sherlock had a relationship with Microft's fiancee 5 years earlier because he thought she was after Microft's money. Upset, Holmes leaves Watson to sleep and goes to find Le Strand. He does and attempts to walk him into Scotland Yard. Le Strand convinces Sherlock to work with him to solve the case.

The next day, Watson discovers Holmes never came home and has a discussion about his character with Microft. Watson meets up with Holmes in an abandoned theater and introduces Le Strand. They turn their attention to the case and Holmes notices a bottle of milk out of place in crime scene photos. They devise a plan to get into Pendry's home to investigate by having Le Strand make threats against Pendry in a fake suicide note. Holmes and Watson meet with Pendry at his house and leave with Holmes confident Pendry committed the murder.

Holmes, Watson, and Le Strand meet back in Le Strand's theater hideout. Holmes explains how Pendry used a 3D-printed plastic gun to kill his wife and then dissolved it in a bottle of acetone that ended up looking like milk. The nail used as a firing pin is hanging one of the pieces of art on the wall.

Holmes and Watson head off to track the sales of 3D printers by asking for help from a 'watcher,' Langdale Pike, who watches people via all the cameras in London.
Des Willie/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
After receiving a list of people who purchased 3D printers, Holmes heads back to Le Strand to work on the list and Watson to her date with Microft. At dinner, Microft reveals he had been very sick and had received a bone marrow transplant months earlier. He asks how to become Sherlock's friend and regrets the current state of their relationship.

Le Strand and Holmes discover an associate of Pendry's who purchased a 3D printer, but discovers the man is dead. Watson and the police show up and Watson's analysis leads Holmes to search for other clues and solve the case. Turns out, Pendry printed another plastic gun but used a 22LR bullet that caused the gun to explode, leaving gun fragments in the fruit of the dead man's apartment. Holmes asks Le Strand to not take credit for solving the case, but he does anyway.

On the way out of town, Holmes meets Microft in response to an urgent text. Microft reveals he stored all of Holmes' possessions previously in 221B, but proceeds to blow them up. He now claims their relationship is even. Watson and Holmes head out on a train, presumably to the airport.
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