Thursday, September 26, 2013

South Park: Private, but Not

South Park never ceases to amaze me. The minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker are just brilliant. Butters has been painted to be such a naive character over the years that it was perfect that he would be ignorant of the NSA, then believe not only that the government DOES want what is best for one and all, but when they might not have picked up on something, that one should repent for actions that might be un-American. It came off beautifully funny, especially juxtaposed with Cartman "infiltrating" the NSA while being more public about his thoughts than everyone else (except Alec Baldwin, apparently). South Park tends to start the seasons on a high note, but the quick turnaround on subsequent episodes is hit-or-miss at times, so let's not jump the gun on this being an unparalleled season, though it still very well may be!
photo courtesy: Comedy Central
South Park "Let Go, Let Gov" (S17E01): Kyle complains about people using speakerphone in public, which Cartman does constantly. [and just who are these kids he's talking to??] Cartman is organizing an anti-NSA rally, thinking that the government shouldn't keep logs of private information. He finds out that Alec Baldwin has the newest social media - you get implants into your brain that broadcast your thoughts. [I was a little confused about "shitter" followers... it seemed that everyone could hear them, not just followers. Soon enough, Cartman manages to infiltrate the NSA, but ruins things when he realizes that he hasn't made waves in the files. [haha. because a ten-year-old would really stick out to the government!] 

Butters takes the news about the NSA following him seriously and starts confessing to the DMV about indiscretions they might have missed. He then gets some Jehovah's Witnesses to go confess at the DMV, so they, too, can be at peace with the government. [ha!] Afterward, he joins the evangelists in going door-to-door and asking people to accept the government into their hearts. [I laughed so hard!] When he even gets Cartman to confess at the DMV, things start to fall apart, as the DMV workers allegedly "have sex with young boys." The office is shut down, the repenting patriots flee to post offices, and the same things happens there. [a bit of a twisted ending...]

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