Monday, October 7, 2013

Bob's Burgers: Halloween in a Box

My Halloween costumes were all homemade until I was 14 and wanted to buy something specific, except for one used only for a party when I was six. [that was when I was Rhinokey from The Wuzzles, by the way!] So, I thought that Bob and Linda slaving away on the dragon for their kids was adorable. The fact that the kids disappear for hours and Bob and Linda don't seem to be particularly worried is a problem, though. Regardless, it was a different and amusing Halloween episode, and definitely encapsulated the Belcher family's distinct personalities. Bob caring so much about the sequins warmed my heart, and the dragon's three tails really made me laugh. Though the "Chinese" aspect of the costume seemed to be completely lost, I still give the kids credit for wanting to be so close to one another all night! 

Bob's Burgers "Fort Night" (S04E02): The Belcher children aren't in costume on Halloween, because their Chinese Dragon costume isn't finished yet. They plan on working together to get extra candy, but Louise is being followed around by a girl named Millie, who wants Louise to dress as the "dust" to her "bunny." [cute that the girl idolizes her, though.] As the kids head home from school, Tina decides that this will be her final year trick-or-treating, as she's getting too old for that part of the holiday. [nah. with younger siblings, you can totally get away with it until you finish high school!] The kids stop by their fort on the way home to get the dragon's eyes, which Gene spray-painted. There, they look at Darryl's map of the neighborhood designed to maximize candy opportunities. [LoL, we didn't have one of those, but we did draw out the neighborhood and figure out the most efficient way to hit the most houses!] The kids are in the fort when a truck blocks it in, causing some panic with the kids and their friends. Millie comes to talk to Louise, but the youngest Belcher is at the end of her rope and yells at Millie, ruining their chances of getting out.
Millie even makes it worse by putting fake spiders in the fort and then closing the adjacent dumpster so the kids can't get out through it. [the dumpster has a hole in it large enough to crawl through??] Darryl strikes a deal with Millie by passing notes through a slit, but he doesn't get out, either. [ha!] Linda and Bob finally finish the dragon costume, and head to the fort to look for the kids. But, Millie intercepts them and leads them away. [this shocked me! what a terrible kid!] Meanwhile, the kids are getting squished by a ramp on the truck, which they tried to life but pushed "down" instead of "up." The kids prop it open with some garbage, and it winds up creating a hole they crawl out of, just in time. By now, though, the houses on the streets have all stopped giving out candy, and the kids are forced to act like they died and use their ghosts to convince Millie into giving up her candy. [haha.]
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