Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2 Broke Girls: New Additions All Around

Take a look at this room and the people in it. Apparently, this could become as popular as the diner and its employees!
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Yep, Max has started pastry school, and Caroline will be working in the receptionist's office to help pay for it. My first thought about this arrangement was that it was completely unbelievable, but I generally give this show a pass on realism, as I'm not in their situation and can't really relate to a lot of things that the girls to do get by. I sometimes think they make up things for the funny factor, but that's not the point, either. I'm really unhappy with the additional casting... I thought that Max, Caroline, Han, Earl, Oleg, and Sophie worked well as a unit. Boyfriends coming and going worked for me, but the addition of Luis at the diner and now bosses/coworkers/classmates at the pastry school?? If they're overhauling this show, I'm not thrilled.

2 Broke Girls "And the Pastry Porn" (S03E09): The girls steal dishes from the diner so they don't have to wash their own at home. [why not just bring the dirty dishes to work and run them through the industrial dishwasher there?] They decide to hire a cleaning lady from Sophie's company, and Polina only has one arm, as Sophie ran over her with a truck. [the girls used to BE cleaning ladies! And if Max has time for school and Caroline has time for another job, why can't they clean their apartment?] Caroline offers to help the maid, and  learns that Max has more than just porn magazines under her mattress... she also has a brochure for pastry school. Caroline soon demands that they go check out the school, and she picks up an application. [I initially thought that the receptionist was ridiculous, but then I understood they meant to show that she needs help.] The required entrance pastry is a tart, but Max doesn't know how to make one. Earl tries to help by buying a tart for Max to turn in, but Max is super-frustrated by making the the shell. [awww, thanks Earl!] In the end, she makes a strawberry tart, and it is flaky and creamy for a first attempt. Still, she's not accepted, greatly upsetting her. [you never read anything like that aloud to a crowd before reading it yourself!!] She heads down there and is told that she has an attitude rather than passion, but she shows how much she wants it, and she's allowed to begin immediately. Unfortunately, the girls misread the price and it's $24,000 per year, not $3,000, which was the per-unit price. [I thought $3,000 sounded ultra-cheap!] Caroline begs to work something out, and she'll be working in the office to help cover the cost.

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2.50 [plummeted from last episode!]

BE AWARE: West Coast peeps: next week's episode will air at 2:42 AM due to the 49ers game! 
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