Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little People, Big World: Another Wedding

Awww! They got engaged at the Space Needle! That's where my husband proposed to me (though he did it slightly differently)! And, although I generally don't like "down home country" weddings, I did think what Hannah and RJ did was really cute. Now, enough about me... problematically, this episode also felt it had had enough about the Roloffs! This definitely felt more like Wedding Farm than traditional Little People, Big World, and it showed. Though Jeremy did mention that he could potentially be the first Roloff to be married on the property, why not at least interview any of the other kids... especially Zach, whose girlfriend has been shown prominently over the past couple years?

Little People, Big World "Forever Young" (S07E04): It's the middle of the summer, and some of the vegetables are ready for harvesting. [we're also halfway through this "season."] Hannah and RJ book the farm with five weeks of notice for their nuptials, which forces Matt to settle on a bridal suite quickly. He brings in a simple manufactured home, but he and Amy argue about where to put it. [watching the house be installed and put together was cool!] The foundation cracks, but they get it fixed. The carpet is the wrong color, they don't have water until the day before, but in the end it all worked out.

On the wedding day, Zach takes the guys on a tour of the farm, and they get in some basketball... but so much that they're late getting ready for the actual event! [how does that happen?? did NOBODY have a phone or watch??] But, there are other issues going on as well... the food truck cancels at the last minute, so they call a caterer, who uses vegetables right out of the garden! [the caterer didn't bring food to cook? I'm confused.] After the ceremony, the couple rides Vespas to the schoolhouse (both just graduated from college) in the Western town, where Matt hung up tons of pictures of them. [that layout was absolutely gorgeous!]
The seats at the reception are adorned with wine glasses full of Hershey's Kisses, thanks to everyone in the family's help!

Also, it seems that Zach will be moving home after a year on his own. He wants to focus on school and not making rent, but let's see if it really only lasts a couple of months.
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