Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HIMYM: Sam is the Man

The minimal costume changes when a season takes place over three days (give or take) gets annoying when you hate one of the outfits! As I've mentioned before, Robin's white blouse with the checked holes in the front bothers me, so I really hope she changes again soon. Nitpicks aside, it seems that Sam is going to have quite a role for a while. Not only as James' father, but if he is both getting back with Loretta AND officiating Barney and Robin's wedding, he'll be around. Now, I personally hope that John Lithgow will receive the same screentime, but we'll see what happens!

How I Met Your Mother "Mom and Dad" (S09E10): Saturday, 3pm, 27 hours before the wedding. Robin and Barney are still trying to find an officiant, but James' dad, Sam, steps up to the plate. [forgot about him!] One problem down, but Barney and James both hope that their own fathers will reunite with Loretta, so they compete to try to make that happen. Barney traps his parents in an elevator while sending his stepmother to the middle of nowhere, courtesy of Ranjit. [holy cow!] 
Once the brothers agree to drop it, they see Sam kissing Loretta, upsetting Barney. But, Robin reminds him that James could use that glimmer of hope in his life right now, so all is well.

Barney asks Ted to keep a signed photo of Wayne Gretzky for Robin, but when he finds ink spilled on it, he starts investigating the case. [mention of the Pineapple Incident!] He narrows the suspects down to Robin's cousin, Billy Zabka, and a bell boy, who were all around when Barney gave him this task. [I'll admit... I thought it was Lily!] As Ted interrogates them, Lily uses ink remover to fix the picture, and the two realize that it was Zabka, who just wanted to seem as if he was helpful so he could shake the "bad guy" persona that he has worn his whole life. 

Daphne talks to her daughter on the phone, but when she breaks the news that she might not make it to the speech competition, the young lady hangs up on her for never being there. [kids get upset. life goes on.] Marshall gets her there just in time... to hear the daughter's speech being pro-oil. [does this mean the end of Daphne? is Marshall going to make it to the rest of the group soon?]

BE AWARE: West Coast peeps: next week's episode will air at 2:12 AM due to the 49ers game!  
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