Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last Man Standing: Upgrading Kyle

The nicest kid in the world hates you. How do you take that kind of news? I never really thought of Kyle as the sweetest guy, but I guess it fits. How he is with Mandy also starts to make more sense, as she has proven herself to be quite the narcissist and would really enjoy having someone fawn all over her, if nothing else. Plus, what was with her "nutrition experiment" of having Kyle eat nothing but cheese all week?? I highly doubt that she is following the guidelines for the assignment. At least the episode was overall pretty funny, though I can't say any one event or joke really stood out that much more than the others. I'd just still really like it if the series would close story arcs instead of ignoring them completely...

Last Man Standing "Vanessa Fixes Kyle" (S03E08): Kyle is still upset at Vanessa for suggesting Mandy date other guys, so Vanessa goes to Outdoor Man to try to make amends. She winds up getting Kyle a position selling boats to boost his confidence, much to the dismay of Mike and Ed. As one might anticipate, Kyle is very sweet and talks about the many cons of boat ownership to potential customers. When he is able to make a sale (a very large one at that!), he feels terrible and admits to only doing it so that Vanessa would like him. Soon enough, though, Kyle impresses Mike with his knowledge of what the other employees' strengths are, so he is promoted to Sales Floor Coordinator, and he even asks for a raise. [I totally saw him moving into an HR-type position.]

Kristin needs someone to babysit Boyd, and Mike makes Eve watch him. [I don't think Kristin should be allowed to pawn him off on the family at all, but I'll stop myself from getting too political.]
He plays tricks on her, so she sends him down into the basement in the dark. [what?!??] Kristin reminds Eve that they used to play together when Eve was Boyd's age, and then puts her in the basement in retaliation!
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