Friday, November 15, 2013

Big Bang: Lucy is Back

Because I feel like the A-plot of this episode is pretty self-explanatory, I want to pick on just the B-plot. The girls girls see Lucy at the Cheesecake Factory, so Penny decides to chew her out for hurting Raj. I can understand Penny's motive, but I don't see why she needed to intervene like that! What was she really hoping to accomplish?
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And, although Raj is desperately lonely, Lucy is seeing someone else, though she does ask her ex to meet for coffee. If your ex's friend just told you that he was crushed when you dumped him, why would you want to see him at all, ESPECIALLY if you are in a completely different place emotionally? Well, Raj isn't sure how to act around her again, so he's incredibly awkward... which he is again when Penny sets him up with a coworker. Although many wrote him off as a lost cause long ago, I think that the writers are just dragging their feet to avoid him being in a "real" relationship at this point!

The Big Bang Theory "The Itchy Brain Simulation" (S07E08): Sheldon decides to use some skeeball tickets from three years ago to get a water-squirting flower, but when Leonard pulls them out of a junk box, he discovers a rented movie from seven years ago. [oh, and by the way, the flower backfired.] Because it was rented on Sheldon's card, Sheldon makes Leonard wear an old itchy sweater until he makes amends with the video store, that went out of business years ago. [how did Leonard not know this? did they only rent a movie one time?] After some research, Leonard discovers that the owner of the store is dead, and there is no next-of-kin to reimburse. ["is that sweater made of bees?" haha!] Sheldon suggests Leonard look for long-lost relatives in Armenia or Lebanon, then admits that he paid for the movie years ago but thought this was a teachable moment. [and moments like this are what takes Sheldon from being quirky to being severely irritating!]
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