Friday, May 17, 2013

Big Bang: "And Space Beats Water"

Leave it to Howard to want to undermine Leonard's awesome adventure to work on a project for Stephen Hawking! He'll never let anyone forget he went to space (I guess he forgot the lesson her learned on Halloween?). Howard aside, there was a big difference in character growth for Raj... he is now able to talk to women without being under the influence of alcohol. It will surely make it easier to write the character, plus that gag got old sometime ago. What's sad, however, is that he made real strides with Lucy in his life, while Leonard and Sheldon are very much in the same place they were a year ago. When the fifth season ended, Sheldon took Amy's hand for the first time, but nothing has progressed... in a YEAR, he still isn't ready for anything more physical. Leonard, on the other hand, proposed to Penny last year and they dated pretty solidly since then, but when Bernadette mentions the idea of marriage, he shies away like it's a hot potato. All in all, not the greatest episode, and certainly not worthy of a season finale. The big question now is whether Leonard will miss any episodes because of this trip, or if he'll be back with the gang right away come fall... thoughts?

The Big Bang Theory "The Bon Voyage Reaction" (S06E24): Leonard has the opportunity to work on a ship in the North Sea for four months, and Sheldon does everything in his power to convince Leonard not to go. [but he doesn't really give any indication of why he has that stance.] Penny tells Sheldon to lie and say he's happy for Leonard, so he does.

The group wants to meet Lucy, but she's wary of strangers so she just meets one of Raj's friends first. He thinks that Leonard would be the best one for her to meet, but Penny thinks a girl would be better, so he asks Bernadette. [she' be my choice, too. good manners, less awkward, not very intimidating.] Amy winds up being the pick, however, because she was the last one to join the group. [decent reasoning.] The meeting has a lot of on-the-spot moments, forcing Lucy into the bathroom. AGAIN. But, it's all just too much for her, and she ditches Leonard's going away party by dumping Raj via text message. [I am so glad that texting wasn't around until after I was engaged, LoL.]

On the way home from dropping off Leonard at the airport, Penny checks on Raj, who is able to talk to her while sober. Turns out, he can now hang out with Bernadette and Amy as well without drinking, though he is uber-chatty. [what is Raj wearing?? stripes and paisley??]
What do you think this means for Raj next season?
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