Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Friday: Where We Left Off...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

We've been treated to quite a few pilots already in the new television season, but "the good stuff" is just starting to return. So, I figured that you might appreciate a little recap of where we left off with some great series last Spring...

2 Broke Girls left off with Caroline and Max meeting Martha Stewart in a bathroom, Chestnut returning to the the girls' backyard, Max learning that Johnny is engaged, and Sophie being quite charitable to the girls and their business. Also, Sophie and Oleg are friends with benefits.

Cake Boss revealed that Buddy's mother was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, which is taking quite a toll on the family. It was around Easter when the show went on hiatus, so expect some 4th of July cakes and maybe some summer wedding extravagance as well.

How I Met Your Mother
is a big one. The seventh season ended with Lily going into labor while Marshall and Barney party in Atlantic City. In a ridiculous turn of events, the duo get a bus re-routed to make to Lily in time for Marvin Waitforit Erickson to make his appearance. But that's just the beginning... Victoria walked out on her wedding to see Ted "one last time," and it's revealed that Robin the the bride at Barney's wedding - though Barney was planning to propose to Quinn in Hawaii.

Last Man Standing may not actually be back until November, but here's a recap for you just the same... Kristin and Kyle broke up, Mike's father lives in town, Vanessa's sister lives in the Baxter guest room, and Mike bought a tank. Also, be aware that there are a few changes - Boyd will age three years and be in kindergarten, Kristin has been re-cast, and Eve will be in high school. 

South Park last aired in late April, so Stone and Parker have some great things they can work with from the news and pop culture lately. And the Olympics, of course. In the event they want to carry over old events, though, we do have new-girl Nichole, whom Kyle liked.

Suburgatory closed with a Mother's Day episode in which Tessa sees her long-estranged maternal grandmother, so it's very likely that she'll be making another appearance. Eden is close to giving birth, Lisa found out that her brother was adopted, and Dallas wants to change the relationship she has with Dalia.

The Middle featured Mike's brother, Rusty, having a shotgun wedding of sorts, Axl and his friends starting an odd-jobs business, and Sue going to Prom with a friend of her older brother. Plus, with the library closing, Brick will have to come up a new favorite spot, and the old librarian being Aunt Edie's new companion will certainly change a few things as well.

The Simpsons featured Lady Gaga cheering up Lisa in the final episode last season. Other than that, it's pretty much crazy-scenario-that-will-reset-anyway over there, with the exception of Edna and Ned, who are learning to co-parent when she pulls Rod and Todd out of their Christian school.

Two and a Half Men left us with Jake and Eldridge joining the army, having no other post-high-school plans. Plus, everyone hates Alan right now, as he milked his friends and family by pretending that an injury lasted much longer than it really did. Oh, and Zoey and Walden are still together.

...and, a bonus! We're now going to be recapping The Big Bang Theory, as I fell in love with it late last Spring and am now addicted to the popular CBS sitcom. When we last saw our science-loving group, Howard married Bernadette and then blasted off into space, Sheldon held Amy's hand, and Penny rejected Leonard's marriage proposal.  
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS
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