Friday, November 15, 2013

White Collar: Neal as a Butler

Peter's flu (first one in 17 years??!?) really seemed like it was added in to give Mozzie something to do (and yet another way to showcase his multitude of talents). Though, between that and the new beekeeping hobby, I guess the Detroit Dentist is still scheming away in the background! That said, I rather liked Neal as a butler, though perhaps that's because there are too few butlers on television these days. I mean, there used to be butlers on Batman, Mr. Belvedere, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Richie Rich, Addams Family, The Nanny... I mean, we kinda had Giles on Whodunnit? but that was a reality show of sorts. I think the undercover aspects of this show are some of the most exciting, so let's see more of those!

White Collar "Master Plan" (S05E05): Peter and Neal investigate a real estate scam while Elizabeth brings art to a family she knew years ago, whose long-estranged son, Patrick, recently returned home. When he chooses a piece of art that he never would have picked years ago, Elizabeth think he might not be the real deal, so she calls Neal. [that rhymed by chance, I swear!] Neal offers to get to know the family by being the new butler. [hahaha!] 
Giovanni Ruffino/USA Network
Neal tries to get fingerprints, but all the DNA is wiped clean. He eventually swipes a cufflink, but the fingerprint doesn't match anyone in the system. But, he is able to forward some mail to Peter, who quickly learns that Patrick's $40M trust fund is soon being signed over. Elizabeth decides to tell William what's going on, and when "Patrick" overhears, he consults to having his blood tested. He draws it himself, though, and Neal is able to see a vet remove a penrose drain from "Patrick's" arm. [pretending the dog is urgently ill? really?] This means that the real Patrick is alive, as the blood was fresh, and there are soon a dozen people trying to tail "Patrick" on his daily bike rides. [LoL: "I can't go Croatian, I'm going Polish."] Although it is close, they are successful in locating the real Patrick, who is returned to his family. Their former butler is also allowed to return to his duties. [would you want to, though, if you were so untrusted?]
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