Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HIMYM: Barney Meets The Mother

I was one of those kids who couldn't really have a platonic relationship with a boy. I was boy-crazy from first grade onward, so any guy I hung out with, I tended to develop a crush on (unless he was friends with a guy I was already dating/had dated/had turned down my advances). It wasn't until college that I hung out with guys on a platonic basis, but I was in a serious relationship by then, so I had no reason to crush on anyone. So, the HIMYM group hardly believing that platonic relationships happen is weird to me, as they're all in their thirties. Still, the episode was intriguing, with out first glimpse of why Ted is considering a move to Chicago and learning how The Mother gave Barney some home-run advice months before Lily met her. I have a sneaking suspicion that the meetings of Marshall and Robin and The Mother are on the horizon...

How I Met Your Mother "Platonish" (S09E09): Saturday, 11am; 31 hours before the wedding. [except that most of the episode takes place six months earlier!] Robin is upset that her mother isn't coming to the wedding. [what an ugly shirt!] Six months ago, Barney, Ted, and Lily talked about how Marshall and Robin have a platonic relationship, but for most male-female friends, it's difficult. While Marshall and Ted head to a Harlem Globetrotters game and Marshall tells Ted that Robin still has feelings for him Lily and Robin give Barney some rough challenges to complete. [who roots for the Generals??] Ted plays out a few versions of what could happen if he tried to make it work with her again, while Barney must pick up women while acting like a dolphin, wearing a trash bag and not using the letter "e," and going for a girl who thinks Ryan Gosling is coming to meet her. [that last one was particularly hilarious!]
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When Barney has to pick up a girl while buying diapers and samosas, he goes after The Mother. [whoa! didn't see that coming!] She turns him down (she has a boyfriend), but they chat a bit and she convinces him to try it with Robin again. ["do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?" nice!] That's when he went through The Playbook and writes that final page. [that was cute. I also had forgotten how long ago that episode was!]

Oh, and we see Hammond Druthers calling Ted from Chicago to repeatedly offer him a job, in which Ted doesn't seem interested.
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