Friday, November 29, 2013

LPBW: More and More Help on the Farm

Of all the weddings that have occurred at Roloff Farms at this point, I think that this has been the most gorgeous. The theme was still pretty simple, but everything was just beautiful. Of course, whenever the couple takes such a personal interest in the design (in this case, the groom built several structures), it makes a difference. The other major factor was probably the additional employee Roloff Farms hired to assist with the wedding side of things, Heidi. I wasn't a big fan of her, though I feel like the edits made as to what audiences saw of her were fairly extreme. When she wasn't messing up, her work was quite lovely, like the kites flying via balloons. Jeremy, Zach, and Jacob are also all seen assisting around the farm in this episode, so it was most likely the large team effort that really made this particular wedding come together so well.

Little People, Big World "A Bride and a Bulldozer" (S07E05): Matt and Amy decide to hire a wedding assistant, and they argue over who the best candidate for the job is. [rock-paper-scissors? seriously?] They hire Heidi, Amy's choice, but Matt soon takes a shine to her and even teaches her how to use the mules to get around the farm. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, she's made a bunch of mistakes, and Matt doesn't seem too keen on keeping her around. [yeah, those wings WERE weird and inappropriate!]

Kevin and Meredith book the farm as their wedding venue a month in advance. [I'm suspecting Roloff Farms is specializing in short-term weddings at this point, LoL.] He grew up only ten minutes away and visited Roloff Farms when it primarily was known for peaches, so he's thrilled to be married there. As a fireman in San Antonio, he utilized his coworkers for a very special proposal, and the couple also includes Meredith's two dogs in the wedding party, so they are a bit unorthodox. [Amy baking cupcakes for the girls was a nice touch.] Another example of this is Kevin building a head table from wine barrels. He also does an arbor and a chandelier, which crashes almost immediately when the nails the groom's brother used to tie off the rope snap. [how old were those nails?? also, interesting look with the wine bottles and glasses.] They work on it in the shop, and Kevin is actually able to make it even larger than planned. [the new look is AWESOME, and I was glad he removed the bottles from the apparatus.]

Matt decides on the wine cellar as the special "place" for this couple, but because of the dampness and a possibly snake, it takes some work to prepare. [are there also peacocks on the farm??] However, they're able to turn it into a great location for the couple to steal a few private moments together. [but what was with Matt ignoring the wedding still taking place and starting work on his next project??!? seemed rather unprofessional.]
Jeremy has been spending so much time working on the farm that he has been ignoring his schoolwork, though he claims that everything is fine. [they now have "free-range" chickens?] Jeremy eventually admits that he's backed up and can't help with the wedding, and even asks Molly for assistance with his accounting class. [she has been largely absent from the past few episodes. Then again, she was never one who wanted a lot of time on the camera.]
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