Monday, December 2, 2013

TRY THIS: Rick & Morty

Tonight, there's a new addition to Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's mature counterpart. Rick and Morty has been in development for quite some time, but presented at last summer's TCA tour, so many have been looking forward to it with more enthusiasm for a few months now. Be sure to try it out tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT.
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The animated series features an alcoholic genius inventor with a dopey grandson taking adventures together, with both characters being voiced by co-creator and executive producer Justin Roiland. The link between them, Morty's father, will be voiced by Chris Parnell, whom Roiland considers a "great match" for the character, comparing the brilliance to that of Garfield and Jon.

At the July presentation, he noted that the format of the program will look like "every episode is its own mini-movie," and that, although it's a very episodic series, there will be some tiny serialized narratives. As Adult Swim expands into Primetime, series like this may begin to have more airtime, assuming that viewers enjoy the antics of this duo. However, if Roiland's comments are any indication of what audiences may expect, there will be no easy copycats, either: "Every episode is as unique as we could think to make them."

Fortunately, as an animated series, Roiland did not need to design too many sets to be built, though it does utilize "a billion" new backgrounds, characters, and locations, which requires animators to work much harder than on other series (think FOX's Animation Domination lineup), which can often re-use images to save time. 

Roiland further elaborated by noting that the series will pay homage to various science fiction tropes, and features quite a few guest voices as well. Be sure to listen for Sarah Chalke and Spencer Grammar, among others. 
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