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Elementary - Above the Knight's Code...

Still focusing on Holmes' character flaws, it's growing obvious now how much he's leaning on Watson professionally. It's likely she'll try to be lured away in the near future, especially with their now rocky relationship with the police department. Holmes was missing his particular enthusiasm when explaining suspect motives (the knight's code in this case), making the Holmes in the courtroom and the Holmes in the stories too close in demeanor. It'll be nice to have a proper case to solve next time...

Elementary "Tremors" (S02E10): Gregston explains to the station that a politician is running on a crime platform when a 'knight' walks in with an apparent murder weapon and confesses to killing his queen... then it flashes out to Holmes telling this story on a witness stand. Continuing with the story, Holmes uses knowledge of the knight's code to help subdue the man. The judge scolds Holmes for taking creative license on the description of Gregston in his story and reminds him that they're here to determine the magnitude of a screw-up by the duo and to determine if they can continue working with the police department.

The prosecutor questions Holmes about all the times he and Watson have found their way into crime scenes without permission. Holmes claims unlocked doors and cries for help were their reasons for entry and to have never broken in. Returning to the case of the bloody knight, they determine the knight was schizophrenic, search his place, and learn the name of his 'queen.' Detective Bell and the duo find the queen dead in her home. Holmes concludes the knight (Cole) didn't kill her because the method did not fit with the traditions Cole was following. Holmes tries to play nice with the prosecutor at the urging of Gregston by deducing that they are both addicts.

The duo learn from the dead queen's oncologist that she was getting viatical payments from a company called Helping Hands, which provides monthly payments to terminally ill patients in exchange for them signing over their life insurance policies. Watson and Holmes track down the person at the company handling the case, James Dylan, an ex-con. He alibis out of the murder though.

Holmes explains how he and Watson exonerated Cole for the murder and proved it was potassium chloride poisoning by testing eye fluid, which is immune to common cell potassium leakage. Watson is a bit upset with Holmes for putting her in a questionable place to falsely testify the next day. On the stand, Watson confirms Holmes' stories and is then cross-examined by... Holmes, as he's acting as his own lawyer. He gets Watson to tell the story of how they discovered the motive for the queen's oncologist, proved he did it, and got him to confess.

The prosecution redirects and makes Watson tell the story of how Bell was shot: while leaving the police station, Dylan confronts and attempts to shoot Holmes, whose actions got the former fired and outed to his parole officer, returning him to jail. Bell jumped in the way as Dylan fired and took the bullet that would have hit Holmes.
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During the proceeding, it's revealed Holmes never visits Bell during the five days after he was shot. Watson keeps tabs on his status and reports to Gregston that he may never regain full use of his right arm. Watson visits Bell in the hospital and learns he does indeed have nerve damage. At the Brownstone, Holmes is practicing single-stick left-handed, as Watson still can't convince him to visit Bell in the hospital. The next day, the judge recommends that the duo's relationship with the NYPD be terminated. Afterwards, the prosecutor invites Holmes to her addiction meeting.

The commissioner visits Bell what he should do, as the judge's action was only a recommendation. The commissioner decides not to accept the recommendation and Holmes finally visits Bell in the hospital. Holmes reveals he's done research about the type of palsy in Bell's arm and has lined up world experts to help, but Bell refuses any help he might provide and asks him not come to visit.
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