Sunday, December 8, 2013

White Collar: Peter as a Wanted Man

The fact that Peter's girlfriend from over a decade ago never seemed to get over him drives me a little crazy. Aside from his cunning intelligence, he doesn't really appeal to me - in fact, I've previously questioned what Elizabeth sees in him! This episode was a little Mozzie-light for me, and being down female characters, the repeated emphasis on Rebecca is also starting to annoy me. I imagine that she will stay on for a good chunk of (if not the entire) season, and I'll have to get over my aversion to her playing the role of Neal's girlfriend and not just his current accomplice.

White Collar "Quantico Closure" (S05E07): Peter and Elizabeth are out to dinner to celebrate the day they met, but Jill, whom Peter dated at Quantico, is at the restaurant and interrupts the happy occasion. The next day, she comes by the FBI office, and recruits Peter to do recon on a case. Its classified nature worries Elizabeth, and after she finds a recent photo of Peter and Jill, she turns to Mozzie. He suggests she follow her husband, and after some hesitation, she brings Neal along. They go to the hotel where Peter and Jill are looking for a guy, and Elizabeth manages to get involved in what becomes a heated situation in a hotel room. Fortunately, it works out in the end, but it sure is a close call.
David Giesbrecht/USA Network
Peter tells Neal that he found an FBI pen at the chiropractor's office, but Neal plays dumb. Peter then puts Neal and Jones on a case where a guy is commandeering cars with David's badge, and although they eventually get him to hijack Peter's vehicle, it doesn't appear that he's actually David's killer. 

Neal shows Rebecca the 13th chapter of the codex, and she agrees that it is authentic. [even though there has never been a thirteenth chapter in any of his other works?? I'm still skeptical.] They figure out that there's a sketch of a stained glass window within the pages, and it's not long until Neal finds the church with the window.
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