Friday, November 22, 2013

White Collar: Skating for the Win

This episode didn't really showcase any spectacular techniques in how Peter and Neal capture criminals and close cases, though Mozzie continues his long-running streak of unbelievably well-done cons. The addition of June into the scheme was a nice play, though I'm still not sold on Jones keeping tails on Neal these days. I'm also torn over how I feel about Neal and Mozzie's current ongoing project. In past seasons, I was more intrigued by their efforts in various endeavors, so I'm not sure if it is the codex itself I find uninteresting, or if it is the way Mozzie and Neal are interacting at this point. Anyone else have thoughts?

White Collar "Ice Breaker" (S05E06): Neal helps take down a fake-passport seller with Peter, and as they narrow down the maker of the passports, they head to a hockey rink in Little Odessa. Their cover is that Neal is a sports agent and Peter in a world-class figure skating coach, scouting Katya, a Russian skater.
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When they return, Peter works with Katya on the ice (fortunately, he has played hockey since his youth) while Neal searches for information on the passport business. Elizabeth gave Peter some tips from watching skating competitions, so he is able to hold his own. [how he knew what advice to give her on some moves was impressive.] Then, Peter keeps Segei busy by playing some hockey, and Neal finds what he needs. So, when Katya decides to help Peter, she accepts Sergei's recent proposal, as that will ensure a large party with all of the criminals in one place. [I don't know if I would have thought of that.] Nicolai leaves to attend to business, so Neal goes to stall him. They're able to arrest everyone, so the crime is solved.

In a separate storyline, Rebecca comes to the FBI to get a letter stating her innocence, but Neal doesn't want her talking to Peter, so he pretends that Mozzie was in charge of that case. Mozzie even takes over a chiropractor's office to play the part. [who takes the whole office to lunch daily??] Then, Neal is able to make the timing of a meeting work so he can ditch the anklet and attend the meeting, where he and Mozzie ask Rebecca to help with the codex. [Rebecca disclosing that she spent a night in jail in Morocco was random... will that come back into play?] There are some questions regarding what is in the pages the boys have, as the author didn't write a thirteenth chapter in his books. [whoa, superstitious!] Peter uses Jones to find out what Neal is up to, and Peter pokes around the chiropractor's office to find a (faux?) FBI pen.
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