Monday, December 9, 2013

Bob's Burgers: Reuniting and Teaching

High school reunion episodes are my favorite, guys. Back when I was planning my own a few years ago, I struggled to understand how anyone wouldn't want to go. It took quite a few conversations with a dozen or so classmates before I understood. And, in all fairness, I would probably never attend a college reunion if enormous universities had those. I was involved in a dozen things, sure, but not very much in my actual departments, and don't keep in touch with very many of my classmates at all (even in the day and age of Facebook!). So, I was intrigued by Linda's hesitation to return to it all again, and her experience in choosing to give it a try. In fact, I was so wrapped up in the reunion part that the kids versus their babysitter downright annoyed me, as it took away from the plot I wanted, LoL!
Bob's Burgers "Purple Rain-Union" (S04E06): 25 years ago, Linda's band performed at the high school talent show, and because they weren't that great, she doesn't want to re-live the experience at her high school reunion. [my high school didn't have talent shows. though, in all fairness, as a "music demonstration" school, probably two-third of the students played a musical instrument anyway, so the sign-up list probably would have been very long!] However, it doesn't take a lot to change her mind, and the kids assist in recruiting the other band members. While the kids beg to come to the reunion itself, Bob tries to get out of going, embarrassed by a pimple on his nose. Still, Bob gets dragged along while the kids are watched by Jen, much to Tina's dismay. [haha, I remember the distinction between being a long-term babysitter for my siblings and a short-term one!]

Louise bugs Jen to bring them to the reunion, where the winners of the talent show are surprisingly performing again. [seriously??] The kids tickle Jen to get her to agree, but Tina gets a black eye in the process. The kids all give one another black eyes so nothing is suspicious, then head off to meet Linda. [laughing so hard over here!] But, Linda has run away from the reunion because of the good band, and it is Jen who talks her into returning. [Gail singing about her long-lost crush was a smidgen awkward, though.]

Bob's Burgers "Bob and Deliver" (S04E07): When the kids are with Bob at the restaurant supply store, they run into the guidance counselor, who explains that Home Ec is no more. Bob winds up becoming the substitute teacher for the course, causing Tina to think she'll be Teacher's Pet. [okra on a burger?] Bob soon learns that the kids in Home Ec aren't really learning to cook, they're kept busy with videos. So, Bob makes popcorn on the stove to go along with the movie, interesting the students. Before long, the kids are legitimately cooking and their dishes in the Home Ec-sturaunt rival the cafeteria's. When Bob won't close the "restaurant," he's forced to leave, though the kids miss him and get him to return. [I'm hard-pressed to believe that the kids wouldn't be in bigger trouble for the popcorn incident, though!] He turns an A/V cart into a mobile food unit, and reunites with Tina, who had transferred to metal shop when she wasn't being chosen for important cooking jobs.

Meanwhile, Linda teaches Teddy to dance.
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