Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last Man Standing: Who Needs ADHD Meds?

Like many college students, I lived on Mountain Dew and Girl Scout cookies during midterms and finals, and though nobody ever personally admitted to me they were abusing prescription drugs for studying, I knew it was happening. It was in the college paper, you'd hear whispers about pills in large lecture halls, and sometimes you'd know someone who talked about someone who could "hook you up." So, I guess I'm not too surprised that Mandy went that route, but I am still disappointed. If this was a drama, this could be a great way to break into a good depiction of the issue, but with a comedy (and especially this one, with a terrible track record for remembering what has happened), it could wind up being a one-time mention, and I hope for more than that.

Last Man Standing "Breaking Boyd" (S03E13): Boyd has been misbehaving at school, and it's suggested that Kristin and Ryan take him to a child psychologist, who diagnoses him with ADHD. [interesting (and heavy) topic to tackle.] Kristin thinks that he should try medication, but Ryan, Vanessa, and Mike fight that in lieu of alternative methods, so Boyd is soon trying coffee in the mornings, no sugary snacks in the afternoon, yoga, and rhythmic drumming. [coffee but not sugar? okay. also, I loved the addition of walking five miles uphill both ways to get to school, "and if there was a tornado, we just got there faster." hahahaha!] Mike decides to build a hockey rink in his backyard so Boyd can get out some of his excess energy, and it seems to be working. [I still think it seems a little aggressive, though.]
Kyle tries to help Mandy study, but she is constantly distracted, so she gives him her phone until after finals. [while Facebook was born when I was in college, there were no "status updates" to read until after I left grad school, so, thankfully, I missed out on that form of procrastination.] Kyle starts handling Mandy's friends' issues as she studies, and she winds up with great grades (Bs and As). Mike suspects she took Boyd's pills, and although she tries to deny it, she eventually confesses, and the Baxters decide it might be time she get tested for her own short attention span. [that is a twist I didn't see coming!]
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