Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Exes: Being Honest with Yourself

I can't imagine anyone but Kristin Johnston pulling off Holly for this episode, for some reason. She just made it believable that she would quickly fall prey to acting like she belonged in a care facility. It was a bit odd for a season finale, but it would have been even more peculiar for a series finale, so let's be glad that there will be at least 12 more episodes down the line for this year. Of course, they will probably continue to include Nikki, a character that I could really do without... couldn't you?

The Exes "The Old Man and the Holly" (S03E20): Holly sees one of her old professors at the bar, and he not only remembers her, but they hit it off. [I can't think of any professor I've ever had whom I'd consider dating...] She even goes to his Assisted Living Facility for the night, though she doesn't realize that's where they are. [it was a funny shock, though!]
Holly makes her peace with the situation, though Eden encourages her to end the relationship. But, when Holly tries to get out and do things with the man, they end up in the opposite situation - Holly begins acting old while James is full of life again. In fact, he winds up dumping her because she's "slowing him down." [kinda humiliating, no?]

Haskell still isn't honest with Nikki, and Holly and Eden are the only ones in-the-know. [I'm kinda sick of his hesitation.] Meanwhile, Nikki wants some action and turns to Phil, who is concerned about Stuart's feelings. [impressive for Phil.] However, he agrees and tells Haskell about it, who, in turn, tells Stuart. Stuart isn't as bothered as everyone expected, but Haskell still tries to go over there to stop them. Of course, they weren't able to achieve intimacy anyway, so Haskell just winds up being awkward. [as per his usual, really.] 
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