Monday, March 3, 2014

Special: Being a Teen Mom

While Maci's special aired late last summer, the rest of the original Teen Mom parents all had their catch-up programs air on the same night. I'm a bit skeptical, but assume that too much time had passed and they just needed to air them, hence the rush for no apparent reason. One of the interesting things about this set of specials is that we're seeing more "behind-the-scenes" than ever before. The producers can be seen/heard asking the folks on the show to do things, and the people in the girls' lives seem as if they've had to do more than one take of a few things, which is kinda funny. Overall, the issues between the teen moms and their families remain unchanged: Catelynn and Tyler still have conflicts, Farrah can't get away from her mother, and Amber can't let Gary be himself. I wouldn't say any of the girls' stories stand out, but I'm sure some fans are excited for the updates regardless.
Teen Mom "Being Farrah: A Teen Mom Special" (Special): With money she earned from doing p0rn and whatnot, she bought a house in Austin, Texas, and her father now lives in her guesthouse. Her parents divorced but Debra comes out for five days during the holidays, though she is considering moving the thousand miles to be closer, which frustrates Farrah. [I would totally be upset, too. does Debra not understand why Farrah went so far away?] Farrah maintains her high maintenance attitude, seeing an aesthetician for "preventative work" on her face. She's supporting her daughter by promoting a line of sex toys and writing a monthly column. [she seriously drives a Tesla? I would NOT have guessed that!] Sophia is going to preschool and dance classes, though she still uses a pacifier. [I don't know if I should be surprised or not.]

Teen Mom "Being Catelynn: A Teen Mom Special" (Special): Now 22, she and Tyler bought a house, and her teenage sister, Sarah, lives with them. The couple is in college, and put off getting married last summer (7-13-13) because Tyler got cold feet. [I didn't realize he called it off on national television via Couples Therapy!] Catelynn has been in therapy ever since, and she even paid the $725.38 balance on her wedding gown. [in case it interests anyone, her bridal undergarments are apparently a size 38DD.] Tyler wants to reach more goals before marriage, but he admits to his mother that he's just paranoid that it won't work out, though he eventually re-proposes. [it was definitely awkward when she knocked him for not marrying her at the speaking engagement! also, I bet Dawn is happy with the random money she gets from being their adoption counselor, as most don't get the same attention!]

Catelynn removed her IUD because of an erupted ovarian cyst, and she has a pregnancy scare, prompting her to talk to Sarah about birth control as well. As for the rest of the family, Butch is back in jail, and April is opening an antique store. [with what money? I don't know.] Carly's adoptive parents don't let Catelynn and Tyler post pictures of their daughter online, which upsets them, though they still pick out some Christmas gifts for the little girl.

Teen Mom "Being Amber: A Teen Mom Special" (Special): She served 17 months in jail, but got her GED while in prison. [some good in everything, right?] The paparazzi show up when she's released, as does her father. She saw now-almost-five Leah three times while locked up, and is excited to see her the first night she's free as well. [all of her clothes being too small was interesting; the only people I know who have been locked away for a year or more lost weight while in prison.] She moves in with her grandparents, and wants to open rehab facilities in the future. [interesting goal.]

Amber has an instant uncomfortableness with Gary's new girlfriend, Kristina, who has a daughter, Karly. So, they hold separate birthday parties for Leah. 
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