Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Goldbergs: Adam as Mikey

This is one of those episodes that I will not delete from my DVR. I've mentioned before that there are several "rainy day" episodes I have on hand of comedies like Frasier and Boy Meets World for when I'm having a bad day, and this is the first from this season that will join those ranks. Also being a Goonies fan, I was in love with the parallels to the classic movie, and when Adam busted out costumes for his friends, I squealed in delight. It really makes me wonder how much of this particular story got embellished for television in comparison to what really happened, but I loved it nonetheless. I think the moment that resonated most was Erica and Barry planting a treasure map that Adam believed in the first place - that was something my brother and I tried (and failed) to get the neighborhood kids to fall for more than once.
ABC/Richard Cartwright
The Goldbergs "Goldbergs Never Say Die!" (S01E16): It's February 22nd, 1980something, and when Murray makes the kids clean the attic, Barry and Erica decide to plant a fake treasure map to lead their little brother around town, a la The Goonies. [that map took them some time!] He makes a bigger deal out of it than expected, and even has his friends and family dress like characters from the film. The game ends after a single clue, and Adam ignores his siblings for a week, feeling they humiliated him in front of his friends. [a second clue would have been a little better.] The score starts to even up when Adam pretends to embarrass his siblings to their friends, as they don't realize he's joking.

Beverly has been wanting to take control of her father's finances, but Pops will only let her do so if she can prove that he lost some heirloom jewels. As Beverly ransacks her house, determined that they aren't there, Pops tells Adam that he lied about the lost jewelry, though there is a clue as to where he put it. [who seriously writes a poem to help remember where something is??] He hands Adam the corner of a piece of sheet music, which leads the gang to Pops' late wife's old piano, where the jewelry is hidden. [it all went a little too fast... maybe a two-parter would have helped?] Still, Pops decides to let Murray and Bev handle his budget, even if it means he can no longer afford to buy rounds of waffles for everyone in the local diner. [ha!]
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