Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trophy Wife: Kate Plans Bert's Birthday

I enjoyed this episode, but I might have been partial because my bridal shower had an Aladdin theme. And, although I understand Pete's reasoning behind granting Bert any type of birthday party he desires, I think the result might have been a bit too Outrageous Kid Parties. The giant pillows in the living room were fine, the costumes were great, the cake was very cool, and I could handle the pony. But the huge dance performance? That was a bit much.
ABC/Eric McCandless
Especially when you consider that all Bert actually wanted was some Neapolitan ice cream. I'm also going to nitpick that Kate should have stuck with the book theme over movie, just because it was reading that earned Bert this privilege in the first place. Plus, how believable is it that his favorite move is 20 years old??

Trophy Wife "Happy Bert Day" (S01E15): Kate is being shut-out of the soccer moms group, so when there's an opportunity to plan a big birthday party for Bert, she uses it to impress the moms. [haha at Jackie pretending that she was at the whole soccer game!] However, they think she's a former stripper because of a rumor Jackie started. The truth comes out and Kate is accepted, but when the moms just want to bad-mouth Jackie, Kate asks them to leave. Hillary is crushing on a backup dancer at the party, but when he has interests in common with Warren, he tries to steal him as a friend. [and, Chris Harrison, seriously?]

When Pete and Diane go to the bakery to exchange an erotic cake, Diane pulls an illegal turn on the way home to avoid traffic. [hello, the same thing happened on Friends!] When she's pulled over, she pretends that Pete is having a heart attack, and they get away with it. However, the cake falls to the ground when Diane runs into the glass door, so it's ruined anyway. [that would have made me SO ANGRY! I went through so much trouble and missed the party for nothing?!?]
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