Tuesday, April 22, 2014

FWBL: Why Bother?

This show is just terrible. Will hasn't dated in a while, but he hasn't been living under a rock! Plus, Kate as the new great-career-sex-fiend Barney isn't working - she already has a soft side! Furthermore, that couldn't have been a cheap faux-wedding to stage, so it's pretty unbelievable. The sex jokes only make matters worse, and the blatant corruption at the hospital isn't helping anything. I'm out, how about you?

Friends with Better Lives "Game Sext Match" (S01E03): Andi is helping Jules plan her wedding without Kate, as they think her single nature means she's not interested. Kate finds out, confronts the duo, and joins in the fun, only she goes from helpful to overbearing really quickly. [bridal magazine subscriber or not, she knew a lot of details specific to Malibu...] After "firing" Kate, the girls feel bad, so they make it up to her by setting up a mini-wedding which Kate would love. [on short notice, that was impressive, I guess.] 

Will is trying to get into sexting after he gets to third base on a first date. He's struggling, but when he doesn't know how to dirty-talk, he's only saved by his willingness to try kinky stuff. [oh boy!] But, before anything really happens, he's tied to the bed with Christmas lights as the girl runs out after her cat, which went out the window. [seriously??] He eventually realizes that he can hit his phone with his foot, and he uses Siri to call his friends to rescue him. [I gave this my best McKayla Maroney face.]
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Bobby gets into tennis, and he's excited about an upcoming tournament, but he's told that if he doesn't throw the match, he might end up with terrible future assignments at the hospital. He obeys until some older doctors start dissing Bobby's partner, and then they go for it, and apparently win. [was this like a filler C-story? part of me wonders if they came up with the title as a play on "sexting" and had to then work tennis into the equation for the joke...]
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