Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Man Standing: Boyd Rides a Sheep, Kristin Gets Engaged

I'm not sure who made the decision to end the season with Ryan and Kristin finally getting along well enough to seriously consider getting married, but I'm not standing behind it. In fact, I think it would be a fine place to let this series die, as morbid as that sounds. The characters are still fairly static after three seasons and a great deal of tinkering, the plotlines ignore previous stories, there was some rapid-aging that didn't help anything, and the jokes are getting fewer and farther between. If a fourth season happens (and I don't think it should), I'll see where they're going with this, but it is definitely no longer a staple. And, considering that the TGIF-reboot ABC has been trying to make happen is repeatedly failing, it might be time to just wipe the slate clean and try something different.

Last Man Standing "Mutton Busting" (S03E22) [Season Finale]: Eve and Justin get tutored by Andrew, who repeatedly asks her to Prom when Justin is out of the room.
She turns him down to attend with her boyfriend, but she also wants to wear her JROTC uniform, and he wants her to wear a dress. [my HS didn't have JROTC, but is it common for girls to wear their uniforms to Prom?] He later tells her that he'll let her wear her uniform, but she decides to just go with Andrew, who won't tell her what to do. She even wears a dress, though, but it's her own decision. 

Mike takes off Boyd's training wheels, and he falls while riding his bike, freaking out Kristin. [c'mon. the kid is fine.] Ryan and Kristin then take Boyd to a sock-puppet Hamlet before Mike puts the lad on a mechanical sheep to see if he's got what it takes to ride a sheep in a junior rodeo. [I'm a little ashamed to say that the only reason I know what "mutton busting" is because of Josh and Mackenzie on Teen Mom 3.] Ryan tries to stop it, then sees that he needs to let Boyd try things if he'll ever get good at anything... and this is his lucky day, as the boy rides "Gary" quite a while. [Kristin still objecting was kinda dragging down the situation.]

The episode ends with Kristin and Ryan announcing their engagement to her parents.
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