Friday, April 25, 2014

Big Bang: Sheldon's Work-Life Crisis

Whatever happened with the video game console conundrum? I guess we'll eventually see the guys playing something and that's how we'll find out the outcome. But, Sheldon is apparently going to have an ongoing storyline for a while, which could prove pretty interesting. With String Theory starting to stress him out, he doesn't seem to know what to do with his life, and the integration of work and home may finally dawn on him. I look forward to something big happening soon, or at least a big cliffhanger at the end of the season... after all, there are now three future seasons, so there is PLENTY of time to develop all sorts of new and zany adventures!

The Big Bang Theory "The Relationship Diremption" (S07E20): The guys are excited about a scientific breakthrough, except Sheldon, who is upset that he has spent 20 years on String Theory, and he still isn't close to proving it. [people have been working on it for like 50 years, so it's probably going to be at least a lifetime before it's proven.] Kripke makes Sheldon wonder if he's wasting his life, which causes the physicist to suffer from insomnia, then decide to move on and find a new project. Of course, this is partly due to Penny's advice that it takes courage to walk away from something that's going nowhere. [I did like how Penny can get through to Sheldon when sometimes nobody else can.] Sheldon gets rid of all of his related books, tries a new hairstyle, and then begins the task of narrowing down his field of study options. Of course, after drinking some wine, he winds up in bed with a geology book, and then learns that he repeatedly drunk-dialed Stephen Hawking. [once wasn't the end of the world, but tons of times PLUS mocking was awful!] 

Raj is no longer seeing Emily and Lucy, as Lucy wasn't okay with a non-exclusive relationship. [can't really blame her, based on what we've learned about her.] Bernadette and Howard meet Emily and Raj for dinner, and it is soon revealed that Howard went on a blind date with Emily four years ago, but he had huge stomach distress because of gas station sushi, clogged the toilet, then climbed out the window and escaped. [sounded a lot like Dumb and Dumber to me.]

The Big Bang Theory "The Anything Can Happen Recurrence" (S07E21): Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard bring back Anything-Can-Happen-Thursdays, but don't know what to do. To avoid attending a LoTR LARP group, they go for a walk around the neighborhood and stumble upon Amy and Bernadette, who they thought were unavailable. [we know that both girls live driving distance from the trio, so why would they head to that side of town if they were even slightly worried about getting caught? I think the situation was a little contrived... unless we are supposed to think that parts of Bernadette and Amy wanted to be caught, which I'm not buying.] Sheldon and Penny wind up going to dinner alone because everyone else thinks they're getting annoying harping about their respective work problems. They then head to a tarot card reader, who suggests that Sheldon's relationship with Amy could make the rest of his life fall into place. [Penny bought Leonard a birthday watch with his money?? what the...?!?!]
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Raj and Howard hang out, and the former suggests they watch a horror film so he'll be more relaxed seeing it with Emily the next day. [haha, I could see myself doing something like that back in the day!] But, they can't handle how gruesome it is. Turns out, Emily only wanted to watch a slasher film because they turn her on. [not impressed.]
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