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Major Round-up: Big Bang: Sheldon's Growth

Coming to this series late, I've often been amused by the fact that Sheldon succeeds as a main character. And he does it quite well, as evidenced by Jim Parsons' multiple award nominations. In the latest season, however, it's interesting how much Sheldon is changing. From kissing Amy Farrah Fowler to making amends with Howard, every aspect of his life is being thoroughly examined. That said, he still can't manage to focus on choosing a video gaming platform, even after hours of research and deliberation... bless that Amy for sticking by his side through all of that! With such evolution taking place, and a three-season renewal on the books, I'm really curious as to what Sheldon will look like at the end of this series!
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Also, did anyone else think Bernadette mis-signing a work card was going to result in a Frasier-esque rush to fix it?

The Big Bang Theory "The Table Polarization" (S07E16): When Leonard asks Sheldon about getting a dining room table, the genius claims that they can't put any of their items in storage to make room for it, despite the fact that there's a desk using a Windows 98 computer in the space. Penny and Leonard go to look at tables, and she influences his purchase. She then encourages Leonard to stand up for himself, but that just makes Sheldon see that Amy has affected his life... and he promptly breaks up with her. [awww!] But, she points out that he's only breaking up with her because Leonard is manipulating him... [good try, Amy Farrah Fowler, good try.]

NASA wants Howard to return to space, but Bernadette reminds him of the negatives from his previous trip. [Howard also gets a remote control shaped like a magic wand.] Howard, Bernadette, her father, and an astronaut (via Skype) all stage an intervention to remind Howard that he's misremembering space. So, though he doesn't want to go, he also doesn't want to chicken out, so he listens to his mother yell at him over the phone as he's getting his blood pressure taken to make it look off-the-charts. [ha!]

The Big Bang Theory "The Friendship Turbulence" (S07E17): Penny tells the gang that she turned down a role in the sequel to Serial Apist, but Leonard thinks she should take any and all paid work. Things get worse when Penny's car breaks down and is totaled, and she has no choice but to crawl back to the Cheesecake Factory. That is, until Leonard buys her a used car to keep her independence. [oh, Leonard. that girl doesn't deserve you.]

Bernadette asks Sheldon why he pokes fun at Howard, and Sheldon says that, ten years ago, Howard called Sheldon "C-3-Pee-Wee-Herman" and replaced the slides in a lecture. [immature!] That launched a prank war that's still happening in a way. Howard decides to try being the bigger man and invites Sheldon to accompany him to Houston for a space event, and during a lot of turbulence, the guys apologize to one another. [how will this change the friendship dynamics on the show?]

Raj asks Amy for online dating advice, as he tends to come on too strong. But, shyness isn't popular, either, and when Raj shows up uninvited to Amy's coffee date with a girl he met online, it's over. [so randomly awkward!]

The Big Bang Theory "The Mommy Observation" (S07E18): Raj stages a murder-mystery dinner with Stuart "dying," and the killer has come from 20 years in the future. When the game keeps going astray, Penny blurts out that she's the killer when Stuart compliments her relationship with Leonard. [poor future Stuart in the visions!]

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Howard are getting along in Houston, and when they go to visit the former's mother, they learn she's in an intimate relationship. [oooh la la!] Sheldon has a tough time processing it, but Howard helps him, and Sheldon agrees to condemn his mother silently. [ha!]

The Big Bang Theory "The Indecision Amalgamation" (S07E19): Sheldon tries to decide between the PS4 and the XBOX One, and he drags Amy all over as he tries to make a choice. [kisses now accompany date nights!] He is hung up on bad decisions he has made in the past - betamax, Zune, HD-DVD, and even though Amy offers to just buy whatever he wants (even if it's both), Sheldon can't figure it out and the store closes. [RIDICULOUS!]

Penny gets offered the same part in the horror movie sequel again, but the movie truly is awful. She gets advice from Wil Wheaton, who is also in the film! [Penny has an agent?]

Raj runs into Emily at a coffeeshop and apologizes, and she decides to give him another chance. Then, Raj gets an email from a lonely Lucy, and he confesses it to Emily. [meh. where is this thread going?] 
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