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Teen Mom 2: The Fifth Season Continues...

This series sorta got away from me there! Part of the problem is that I genuinely don't care about any of the mothers or their situations at this point. Another issue is that so little happens per episode because of the focus on four people at a time. Jenelle continues to have legal and relationship troubles, Kailyn gets married and has her second child, Leah deals with the tough life of having a husband who works out of town, and Chelsea continues to be pampered by her parents while she traipses through life. Now that Chelsea has a job, perhaps she'll learn more about life... if her parents decide to actually cut her off! There's a tiny bit left of this season, and no renewal yet, so this may be the last we see of these girls, much like has happened with Teen Mom and Teen Mom 3.

Teen Mom 2 "False Positives" (S05E06):
Jenelle: She gets pregnant right away, but she starts bleeding, so she goes in for an ultrasound. They learn that she's not pregnant after all, but her hormone level was still high because of her recent abortion. Also, Jace locks Barbara out of the house and curses at her. [holy cow that kid will be a handful!] 

Leah: Jeremy faints on the job and has to come home early from the project, but at least it's just stress and anxiety, and he can work after a week of rest. 

Chelsea: She's worried that Aubree will want to spend more time at Adam's because there's a "family" over there now that there's a new baby. [Chelsea gets on my nerves.]

Kailyn: Jo agrees to let Kailyn and Isaac move to Delaware if he can have 10 overnights each month, as he currently he gets 8. She tries to compromise to 9 because Isaac will be in preschool, but Jo doesn't want to give in. The court decides to make it 9, but Kailyn will have to drive Isaac half-way for hand-offs, and go the entire way for pick-ups. [custody issues are so much work!]

Teen Mom 2 "These are the Days" (S05E07):
Jenelle: She's headed to court for her latest felony charges, but she's more concerned over seeing Courtland while she's with Nathan. [flip flops and heels are the only two types of shoes Jenelle has, apparently. and that red dress fit her funny.] 

Leah: Ali is evaluated by a special needs counselor, so Leah tries to get Corey on board with Ali starting preschool ASAP. It doesn't take much, though he still hasn't accepted that she may live an atypical life. 

Chelsea: Aubree meets her new half-sister, Paislee. [what's with how people spell names in South Dakota?] But, Aubree stays at Adam's instead of his parents', upsetting Chelsea.

Kailyn: She is struggling to get along with all of her bridesmaids (she has 6!), as Javi's sister and cousin don't seem interested. [haha, remind me to someday tie-in the story of the time my bridesmaids had to go shoe shopping without me...]

Teen Mom 2 "Breakdown" (S05E08):
Jenelle: Barbara is worried that Nathan is controlling Jenelle, who has been doing nothing lately but hanging out at home. [at least she's not getting into trouble?] She has her appendix out in emergency surgery, but Barbara gets upset that Jenelle chooses to have Nathan care for her instead of her family. [yeah, I needed to have surgery about six years ago and chose my husband to care for me over anyone else, which I think hurt my mom's feelings, too.] When Barbara and Jace do come over, it doesn't last long before there's a fight that drives Barbara out again, claiming she'll never return. [ha!]

Leah: Ali starts preschool. [Leah has a fancy camera.] Corey and Miranda plan to wait a few years before having children.  

Chelsea: Adam files to have as much custody as the law will allow, but Chelsea doesn't think he deserves it. [she's fortunate that her dad speaks legalese!] 

Kailyn: Javi tells her that she needs to become comfortable around his family. She needs to find a doctor who isn't two hours away. She has her wedding dress altered. [ugh. I remember paying a pretty penny for those!]

Teen Mom 2 "Miss You Much" (S05E09):
Jenelle: It's Jace's 4th birthday, but he keeps acting out. [haha! Barbara called the fondant "fondue" !! also, Jace is still in diapers.] 

Leah: Jeremy needs to go back to work, and Leah wants to go to counseling to help him see things from her perspective. But, he goes to New Mexico for five weeks for a gig.

Chelsea: Aubree starts ballet and hip-hop. [Chelsea seriously bought the dance outfits on the way to the class?!?] 

Kailyn: The wedding is at an aquarium near Philadelphia, but Kailyn is still upset about the bridesmaid drama. She's still not planning to invite her mother, though Jo thought he would get invited. [random!] Javi's sister and cousin confront Kailyn about being open and having a close relationship in the future. [eep!]
Teen Mom 2 "We Belong Together" (S05E10):
Jenelle: She has her court date, and Courtland shows up. The deal worked out, and she's offered unsupervised probation... but she fails a drug test and has to go to jail for two days. [haha!] Nathan tells Barbara, who thinks Jenelle needs to learn a lesson. [Jace is really becoming a behavior problem!] Jenelle gets upset that Nathan talks to a girl when she's in jail, even though she has guy friends. [I don't think I realized Jenelle had gauges before.] 

Leah: She looks through Jeremy's phone and learns he turned down a local job to take the one in New Mexico. He thinks $40,000 in five weeks trumps the location. [I don't have three kids, but in my current situation, you better believe I'd let my husband go off to make that kind of moolah!] Leah tells Corey about Jeremy's decisions, which probably isn't in her best interest, considering past issues.  

Chelsea: She finishes her cosmetology program, and her family and friends come for the announcement. [I thought she kinda overplayed it.] Now, she has to look for a job, but has no problem finding one at a spa that provides high-end services, though she's not state-licensed yet. 

Kailyn: It's her wedding day, and she can't stop crying. [seriously with those bridesmaids sweatshirts??] We also learn that Javi is a Guatemalan nickname for Jose, and he tears up during the vows.

Teen Mom 2 "Out of the Blue" (S05E11):
Jenelle: She's once again pregnant, confirmed by ultrasound this time. She's still smoking 1-2 cigarettes/day, but she's off "street drugs." [I'm so over Jenelle!] 

Leah: Ali practices on her motorized wheelchair. [it sounded like the tech didn't want Ali in one at such a young age.] Jeremy intends to file for divorce. [oh no!] 

Chelsea: She has a court date to deal with custody issues, then has issues with Aubree listening and staying in her carseat. [the kid was awful and still got ice cream that day?!? also, Chelsea needs to stop complaining to her dad over every little thing!] Adam wins the ability to see Aubree more, but it has to be at his parents' place, and he can't drive with her in the car.

Kailyn: She and Javi take a day alone together after the wedding, and she admits that she's nervous about having a newborn and a toddler. Later, Javi drops off Isaac without Kailyn, but it works out okay. She finally answers one of her mother's calls, and the woman asks to stay for a while to help out with the new baby. Kailyn gets to decide on how long she can stay, but she's apprehensive about the whole situation. [I would be, too!]

Teen Mom 2 "What You See Is Not What You Get" (S05E12):
Jenelle: She starts taking Jace to karate class. [but it's really tae kwon do?] Barbara doesn't like Nathan and Jenelle not working, but the bigger problem is that Nathan got arrested for a third DUI, which could land him jail time if he's convicted. [is this what those trashy shows like Jersey Shore are like? just the Jenelles and Nathans of the world and their idiotic decisions?] She decides that she won't bail him out in the future. 

Leah: Jeremy sees texts from Corey that he doesn't like. The girls try a cheer class, but Aleeah doesn't listen, so maybe something like softball would be better for her. [I don't think I've ever heard of cheerleading for a group so young!] 

Chelsea: She starts her new job, but is worried about passing the written part of the state licensing exam. Aubree has a preschool pageant, and Adam brings Paislee. He also  changes his number and won't give it to Chelsea, making her reach him via facebook only. [that does NOT sound like a reliable father to me!]  

Kailyn: They paint the baby's room but Javi doesn't know how to do the edges and trim, despite having multiple family members working at Sherwin Williams. [haha.] Kailyn labors for 16 hours to deliver Lincoln Marshall. [Isaac was SO CUTE meeting his brother!] She recovers quickly, but is upset that her mother drunk-texts her all night. [crazy woman!]
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