Friday, May 16, 2014

Hot in Cleveland: The Silver Lining

Milking someone else's bad fortune for your own gain... yep, sounds like something the girls on Hot in Cleveland would do! I'm really curious as to how it was decided that Elka would only play into Victoria's plot, though, rather than have her own ways of turning Melanie's tumor into something for her own good. But, back at the bigger issue... the tumor only lasts 7 episodes?? The woman was diagnosed in the second episode of the season, doesn't pick a doctor until the end of the third, and only even mentions going to regular appointments in the seventh! I know this isn't a drama, but the fact that there is no longer a sign of a tumor that *wasn't* caught in its early stages seems a little cheap. If the story didn't poll well, at least let it fade into the background and be a passing mention for a while... or make it clear that it's months later or something!

Hot in Cleveland "Brokeback Elka" (S05E08): Victoria uses Melanie's tumor to make her fans think she's caring, and she winds up spending her evenings chatting online with a fan in Wyoming... who turns out to be Elka, catfishing. [called it, but probably only because of Elka's twitter foreshadowing.] Joy and Melanie encourage Elka to come clean, and she does, albeit by revealing she knew about conversations not made public.
Joy uses Melanie's tumor to get a date with a guy who turns out to be a radio DJ who makes her out to be crazy on the air. When she confronts him, he uses soundbites from the conversation to prolong Joy's humiliation. [haha, I was thinking of the episode of Frasier where this is constantly happening to the title character!]

Melanie realizes that she can milk her brain tumor for stuff like free food and concert tickets, but she's soon cured and feels bad about some backstage passes coming her way. [she probably shouldn't have exaggerated in her letter.] When the artist delivers the tickets in person, Melanie sticks it out... until the musician goes on the DJ's radio show, and Joy calls in the middle to disclose that a tumor pick-up line started the whole thing. [I'm now wondering whether I'd milk something like this... and for what purpose...]
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