Thursday, May 15, 2014

Season Finale: The Goldbergs: Murray is a Cool Guy

Murray Goldberg has not proved to be a very active guy this season. In fact, most of the time, he's hanging around the dinner table or lounging in his favorite chair, much like this:
ABC/Tony Rivetti
So, the fact that he's up and shooting hoops in public in this episode is quite the change from the usual. Similarly, Murray actually taking the time to explain one of his stories to the kids seems to be a relished moment, and I hope that more of that pops up in season two. While I wasn't overly surprised that Murray once led an enviable life (the squarest people have the curviest pasts!), I was a little taken aback by how little of a role Adam had in this episode. I was expecting a little more from the man-behind-the-camera for a season finale, but the show is named after the family, so I shouldn't be as shocked. Here's to another great season of reminiscing and laughing with our new favorite Pennsylvania family!

The Goldbergs "Livin' on a Prayer" (S01E23) [season finale]: In high school, Murray made 79 free throws in row, a record that has held some 20 years. Because a current student at the school finally bested that, Murray is invited to come to a game and be recognized, to which he is initially opposed. [of course.] Bev drags him along, though, hoping to make a fun overnight trip out of it. Murray has a great time at first, getting into the game and receiving a ball autographed by the current team, but when he's offered the chance to shoot a free throw, he fails miserably as the crowd erupts in laughter. So, he and Bev come home early... which wouldn't have been a big deal, except Barry had decided to throw a party.

Pops doesn't oppose the gathering, and when only nerds show up, he asks Erica to help out her brother by inviting some of her friends. [television grandparents are the best!] But, things get out of hand, and everyone raids Beverly's closet for sweaters. [I can't even begin to understand how that happens!] Pops wants to be cool, so he asks Erica to get everything under control.[seriously??!?] Fortunately, Murray and Bev come home to disperse the rager, but Barry is able to talk his father into giving him ten more minutes to live it up, explaining that he isn't the popular kid that Murray was. Barry has the time of his life dancing away those precious few moments, and Erica's friend even helps make his crush jealous by kissing him. Of course, Barry gets grounded for the entire summer, but he seems to believe it was worth it. [I got goosebumps as the credits rolled, LoL.]
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