Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trophy Wife: Mother's Day, Indeed

This series has been cancelled, and I have lukewarm feelings about that. I have mentioned on and off all season that the concept behind the show was different, the characters were somewhat appealing, and the kids were downright lovable... though it also tried too hard and didn't always act like a rookie comedy. There are folks out there with hope that ABC Family or Hulu might revive the family program, but I'm gonna go ahead and doubt them... though I do hope that Bradley Whitford is able to score another series, because I miss him on television. Of course, that would ideally be reincarnating Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but that's even more ridiculous. :-P  Still, isn't the below a cute way to catch up viewers on who's who?
Trophy Wife "Mother's Day" (S01E22): Kate wants to be thought of as a mom, so she's thrilled when Jackie and Diane decide to let her spend Mother's Day with the kids, though she tries to get thoughtful gifts for the others as well. This leads to a chicken for Jackie and a recreation of a Flemish still-life for Diane. [how amusing! I wonder how the chicken would have played out for another season...] But, neither are home on Sunday morning, as they took off for Laguna Beach. [haha! Hillary: "they dumped the kids and Kate on me"] Bert gets the location out of Sad Steve, so they head down there and Kate gets into it with the other women. [a bit roughly, I might add!] However, everyone comes together when they learn that Pete had a heart attack. But, it was just indigestion from eating random food while under pressure from being the lead counsel representing a company that spilled oil. ["what else can we blame this on?" made me laugh.] Still, he wants to do something different in the future. [between that and the jokes about Kate being pregnant, this series could have had some intriguing storylines going forward!] 
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