Friday, June 6, 2014

2014-2015 Season: ABC Comedy

ABC's comedy pilots for the 2014-2015 season don't look like the best bunch, even though I'll give half of them a shot. They ordered six this year, compared with five last year (only The Goldbergs is continuing on). Their round-up features a Hispanic family show, an Asian family show, a black single-woman show, a show that'll be dated in five years, a musical fantasy, and a couples' sitcom. The first three are bound to have jokes which will have white journalists tip-toeing around, fearing that they shouldn't be laughing, and two out of the last three may be lucky to have decent jokes at all, so I don't know if this was the best line-up, press-wise. However, the collection is diverse enough that something should stick for somebody, right?

Red titles I'm not interested in. Green titles I'm going to try out. "Who" covers actors, writers, creators, etc. "Where" covers the location of the series. "What" describes the basics of the premise.

First, the fall premieres:

Who? from the creator of Suburgatory. Stars Karen Gillan (Amy from Doctor Who) and John Cho (Harold of Harold & Kumar).
Where? present day.
What? A woman has a huge online presence (hoping to be famous) but no real life. Based on My Fair Lady.
My Thoughts: This sounds like a CW show, what with the young demographic and all, but maybe it'll do okay. I can't imagine tuning in, but maybe the 18-29 crowd is into this... I kinda hope nobody my age is looking forward to it!

Who? Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Anderson (Gary from Guys with Kids)
Where? present day Los Angeles suburbs
What? A black man with a biracial wife and their four kids is living a good life, but Grandpa wonders if they’ve lost touch with their roots, so Dad decides it's time to focus on acting black.
My Thoughts:
I feel like we've kinda seen this before on both the big and small screen, but it might be worth a laugh so I'll program it to the DVR for a trial.

Manhattan Love Story
Who? Kurt Fuller (the dad on Better with You, among other things)
Where? Present day Manhattan.
What? A couple has just started dating, and their thoughts are shared with viewers.
My Thoughts:
I'll watch the pilot if for no other reason than to see how the concept is executed. I'm really curious as to how this specifically wound up on ABC, and whether it'll stand up to other couples' stories premiering this season.

Now, the mid-seasons: 

Who? Alan Menken is among the EPs... but no big talent otherwise.
Where? Fairy-tale land. Yeah.
What? A knight lost the love of his life and is on a quest to win her back in this musical show.
My Thoughts: Many people peg me as the perfect demo for Once Upon a Time, but that show is not for me. Galavant is designed to be for that same demographic, so I'm probably going to pass here as well. 

Who? Nobody recognizable, though it is named after the star.
Where? I'm guessing Texas, given where the actress is from.
What? A law student moves home to do an unpaid internship, as her family has various opinions about how she should live her life.
First Impression: I was semi-interested until I read that it's a semi-autobiographical piece and the lead is 35 years old. Not nearly as amusing as Made in Jersey could have been. Pass.

Fresh off the Boat
Who? Nobody recognizable. 
Where? Orlando (though it may start in Washington, DC) in the 90s.
What? A Taiwanese family struggles to assimilate to the US culture as they get a steak restaurant going. Dad wants the American dream, but Mom is more skeptical about the future.
My Thoughts: Also semi-autobiographical, I'm curious as to how many red flags will go up when stereotypes beyond the title pop up in the pilot. Still, I will check it out to see the depiction of Orlando in the 90s.
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